Electric sunglasses CHARGE model review

electric sunglasses charge review

I just picked up a pair of Electric sunglasses and have been wearing them out on mountain biking trails in our area.

The model that I received is called the “CHARGE” which are designed in California by top surfers like Kelly Slater and handcrafted in Italy.

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The brand Electric California has been around for a while and they also have some really cool watches that we hope to review in the near future.

Taking them out of the box I notice that the frame is well made from a material called Gritamid.

The one thing that sets these glasses apart is that they have a special lense called “OHM”. Which stands for Optical Health through Melanin.

Check out Electric Sunglasses “CHARGE” model – HERE

These lenses relax the eye and act like a sunscreen protection to your retina and the skin around your eyes (think less crows feet).

The glasses are very light weight which is really important to me if I am riding my mountain bike and screaming down a trail 20 miles and hour hitting roots and rocks. If the glasses were heavy they would slide right off my sweaty nose.

These glasses stay put and in place and gives you one less thing to worry about – which is what good gear should do.

The price point is $90 which is about right for a good set of glasses. Not too expensive and you know when you see them they are not cheaply made.

Would I recommend them? Yes; I am wearing them and would definitely recommend them to our SGPT athletes. We look forward to reviewing more gear from Electric soon.

One year later update: The Charge glasses are still going strong despite a lot of wear and tear in the field. They have held up well with minimal scratches and no problems with the lens and frames. I like these so much that I want to get another pair from Electric to try out as their designs are amazing. Would I recommend them one year later? You bet. I will pay full price for another pair.

Question: Where can I get more info and possibly purchase a pair? Check out ElectricCalifornia.com – HERE

Question: Do you have any discounts or coupons that I can grab a deal on sale? Yes; check out the 40% off sale on snow goggles here:

Question: Coach; where can I find out more info on becoming a Navy SEAL?

Answer: Check out the main SEAL/SWCC website here:

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