Electric Tech One XLS sunglasses review

I picked up another pair of the Electric sunglasses as I was very happy with my first pair (see our review for the Charge).

Right out of the box these glasses feel light but strong enough for day to day abuse.

The first thing that I like is that the glasses stay on my face despite being knocked around while off road biking or hiking in the forest.

The glass lenses are just big enough but not too big and have a nice wraparound design. The lens also reduce glare and allow me to open my eyes more – instead of squinting – which is important while riding a bike.

What makes Electric different? First off just look at the frames as they are a 8-base, mold-injected Grilamid frame.

These frames are really light – which is important to me when I bike or run.

This means they will last longer but still give you the flex you need when moving around with action sports.

The frames come in matte black, gloss black and matte tortoise shell and gloss tortoise shell.

Number two is the lenses which are an OHM polycarbonate lenses. For the Tech One XLS model you can get four different lenses (polar bronze, grey, polar grey and grey fire chrome.

These are polarized lenses that block out reflected light and glare off cars, water, pavement, sand, and snow. They are 100% UV protection, 98% blue light protection, 99.9% glare reduction

One of the cool things that I do like is the stylized hinges with the Electric logo. The hinges have a slight click to them which has a nice feel.

The shades are fully covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship or materials so you can take a breath when you shell out more money for these. In conclusion these are now my go to glasses for every day out in the field or on my mountain bike.

Lightweight and stick to my face despite sweat and riding hard on bike in the mountains or at the beach. Lenses are well made and allow my eyes to relax.

CONS: The price is a little high but you know you are getting a well made product that has many great features and stellar lenses. Now that I know how well they fit my face and are very light – I would definitely pay more for a great pair of shades.

Retail price is about $150 to $170 depending on where you buy them.

Check pricing at ElectricCalifornia.com


Lens Height 48 mm
Overall Width 145 mm
Temple Length 170 mm
Weight 31 g

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