GoRuck Gear

Check out this list of cool GoRuck gear that we recommend for your next event.

GoRuck GR1 and boots
top 10 goruck boots

We like the Rocky C4T boots for a GoRuck event.

If your feet are really strong and your in great shape you can try and do a GoRuck light or Challenge with a pair of good running shoes.

Otherwise a pair of well broken in boots that drain well in case you get wet Рwill do the trick.  You will want to wear double socks or at least a good pair of socks that will wick away your sweat.

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GoRuck 15L Bullet Ruck
goruck 15L bullet ruck

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How to Pack for a GoRuck Heavy

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Gettin’ muddy with a GR1 Ruck
GR1 muddy

GoRuck gear put to the test

GoRuck Limited Edition Gear

GoRuck Nasty packing list

Inside a GoRuck pack with water bladder

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