GoRuck Brick Wrapping

goruck brick wrappingYou are required to carry a load (bricks or steel plate) during your GORUCK event.

Check out these tips for wrapping up your bricks for the event.

If you under 150 lbs you need 4 bricks (20 lbs). If you weigh over 150 lbs you need 6 bricks (30 lbs.). For the GoRuck light it is half of that.

Tip #1 :
Lay out your bricks. Get some duck tape. Have a cold beer nearby in case you get dehydrated.

Tip #2:
Wrap up the bricks with duck tape. Make sure you get extra around the edges. Take a sip of beer and relax.

Tip #3:
Wrap the taped up bricks in bubble wrap. Put them in your pack. Drink the rest of your beer and relax.

How to wrap bricks for GoRuck

PROSOK Bamboo Socks for long Endurance Events @ Amazon.comTip #4:

Don’t wrap your bricks separately and put in your pack separately. They will shift when you pack goes upside down and you will be very uncomfortable. I made this mistake and it does not work – at all.

Tip #5
Some events allow you to use a steel plate which is much thinner and obviously stays in one place – easier to secure inside your pack. If you have the money to spend you can go that route. A steel plate cost $50 to $125 depending on how thick, how many holes and if you get any etching done.

Jason, owner of GORUCK, advises a steel plate as an intelligent choice for Selection. SHplates is one company that makes them for the event. GR is also making plates so it will be interesting to review the GR vs SHplates.

Questions from athletes in our gym and our readers online.

Question: Do the GoRuck Cadre make you take out your bricks and show them? Yes.

Question: I heard that they make you put your name on the outside of the bricks – why do they do this? Because athletes mistakenly dump out their bricks at the end of the event and they don’t want the Police to think it is a bomb. Don’t dump out your bricks after an event.

Question: Do the Cadre make you weigh your bricks at the event? They did not make us weigh our bricks but it is understood this is an integrity issue. You will want the full benefit of the event so carry all of your bricks.

Question: Do most of the Cadre have a military background? Yes; many of them are former Special Forces.

Question: What do you recommend to reduce chafing and feet blisters during the event?

We like the use Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm .

Make sure to apply to your feet, crotch and under your arm pits and nipples to reduce chafing.

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