Questions with GORUCK Cadre Bert Kuntz

goruck interview steph brownellPost up questions here to “Ask Cadre Bert” any questions you want to know about GoRuck events and training.

Cadre Bert will answer these questions and we will post online.

Joe Garrigan:
I’m active duty air force and have been told i have bursitis in my hip from running. Am curious as to a way to prepare for one of these GoRuck events?

Colt Chandler Helton:
How much of the “Go Ruck” is mental ? If i crossfit on the reg should i be good to go?

Video – GoRuck Challenge San Jose

Grab Your Buddy and Do a GORUCK Challenge in Your Area

Benedict Lim:
GORUCK looks like an amazing event. How does one improve their pack marching skills?

Cole Moore:
My job includes a lot of hiking (much of it is fast and for long durations) I’ve been interested in doing a GORUCK to improve my hiking not only physically but mentally as well. Will there be any events before May, and can GORUCK apply to my job as a Wildland firefighter in more ways then pushing past physical limits? What are some workouts that can improve rucking, other than rucking itself? Squats, front squats, deadlift circuits? Ideas?

Jarie Bolander:
Can you use metal plates instead of bricks for events?

Jarie Bolander:
What training program do you recommend to pass the Selection PT standard?

Troy Angrignon:
Hey Cadre Bert, miss your smiling face. I have the go-ahead to do a joint GoRuck / Team Rubicon event here in SF. What do I have to do to get you here as one of the Cadre?

Troy Angrignon:
Also, any plan to do any of your MTG stuff out here on the west coast? I didn’t see any initial events planned for here although maybe I’ve missed updates. Hope you’re well! Glad you and Brad are in touch.

Patrick Peralta
I will participate on Goruck Challenge in January 15, what do you recommend me to use my on pack or goruck gear?

Lance Ivan Groom:
What PT build up program do you recommend bro to be ready for the GoRuck challenge?

Ben McNally:
What did the best operators that you worked with all have in common?

Heather Self: If you have lower back issues, are supported pushups allowed? (On knees?)

Jay Jairdullo:
Cadre Bert, Is there any specific training you would recommend for Selection and how long prior to Selection would you recommend starting the specific training? Thanks in advance and thanks Brad for the great content!

Daniel Cohen:
Another question – how should participants prepare for cold weather water evolutions (physicAl prep and gear)

Zak Singh:
Coach Mcleod, thanks for the invite. Thank you Bert Kuntz, for taking the time out for Q&A. As a part of the hip, knee, lowerback crew, is it advisable/allowable to do an event in sneakers instead of boots?

Question: Is this the same bert kuntz from “the selection”? Yes.

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