Gear Up: The Top 10 Tactical Gloves for 2023 That Prioritize Protection and Performance

Discover the ultimate lineup of top-notch tactical gloves for 2023 designed to elevate your performance and shield you in the field. These hand-picked selections focus on bringing top-tier protection and optimal functionality to military, hunting, and tactical enthusiasts alike. From combat maneuvers to outdoor pursuits, these gloves are primed to amplify your readiness and fortify your hands against the rigors of the battlefield and hunting grounds.

Whether scaling rugged terrains or engaging in high-stakes operations, these gloves stand as a testament to durability, ensuring a steadfast grip and safeguarding your hands, so you can stay focused on the mission at hand. Gear up and dive into the elite collection of tactical gloves crafted to meet your demands, leaving no compromises when it comes to your safety and performance.

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Why would you wear tactical gloves?

Tactical gloves serve multiple purposes, making them a practical choice for various situations. Whether engaged in military operations, law enforcement duties, outdoor activities, or even certain professional tasks, wearing tactical gloves can provide valuable hand protection from cuts, abrasions, and impact injuries.

If you are looking for a glove with an enhanced grip and dexterity then you would want to look at the options that tactical gloves have. This type of glove will allow for better control and manipulation of objects, ensuring optimal performance.

The features you will want to look for are thermal insulation, touchscreen compatibility, camouflage options, and defense against environmental elements. We break down each glove and give you the best options to make the best decision on which glove is right for your hand in this situation.


The Mechanix Wear M-Pact Tactical Gloves are renowned for their durability, protection, and versatility in various tactical and outdoor settings. Designed to withstand the rigors of demanding professions, these gloves offer superior hand protection and dexterity without compromising comfort. The M-Pact series incorporates several features that make them a preferred choice for military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Constructed with a combination of synthetic leather and TrekDry material, the gloves offer excellent durability and breathability. The synthetic leather provides a robust exterior that can withstand abrasions and wear, while the TrekDry material wicks away moisture and maintains hand comfort. The gloves also feature molded thermoplastic rubber (TPR) on the knuckles and fingers, providing impact protection and shock absorption.

The dual-layer internal fingertip reinforcement enhances durability, ensuring long-lasting performance. These gloves come with a hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit and feature padded palms to minimize hand fatigue.

The bottom line – the Mechanix Wear M-Pact Tactical Gloves are engineered to provide robust hand protection, maintaining dexterity and tactile sensitivity in tactical and high-impact scenarios, making them a reliable choice for individuals in challenging professions or engaging in outdoor activities.

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The Hatch Specialist tactical glove is a versatile and robust handwear solution tailored for a variety of tactical applications. These gloves, produced by Hatch Corporation, are engineered to provide superior protection, dexterity, and grip while maintaining the comfort necessary for extended wear. They have gained popularity among law enforcement professionals, military personnel, and outdoor enthusiasts who demand high-performance tactical gear.

One of the notable features of the Hatch Specialist glove is its durability. These gloves are constructed with high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of tactical operations. They offer excellent protection against abrasions and impact, making them suitable for tasks that require robust hand protection.

I like that the gloves provide enhanced grip and dexterity, ensuring that users can maintain control and manipulate firearms, tools, and equipment with precision. With their combination of durability, protection, and tactile sensitivity, the Hatch NS430 Tactical Glove is a reliable choice for individuals in need of dependable handwear for various tactical scenarios. I have been using the Hatch shooting glove with an AR-15 and with a handgun drawing out of a holster. It worked great in both situations.

I was able to load magazines easily and even use my Leatherman tool easily. I highly recommend trying these out. The only risky thing is getting the right size. Since the leather is synthetic, it won’t stretch much if at all, but who knows what a lot of use will do. I’d say pick a size, and just return it to Amazon if you end up needing a smaller/bigger one.

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The Glove Station hard knuckle glove is a specialized handwear designed for shooting sports and tactical applications. These gloves are engineered to provide enhanced grip, dexterity, and protection while maintaining a lightweight and comfortable fit. They are a favorite among shooting enthusiasts, law enforcement personnel, and military professionals due to their exceptional performance features.

The key highlight of the Glove Station Tactical Shooting Glove is its balance between protection and precision. These gloves are constructed using high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the rigors of shooting and tactical activities. They offer a superior grip, making them ideal for firearms handling, and feature reinforced areas to protect against abrasions and impact.

I like that these gloves ensure tactile sensitivity and fine motor skills, allowing users to maintain control and dexterity while engaging in shooting sports or tactical operations. With their durability, grip, and comfort, the Glove Station Tactical Shooting Glove is a reliable choice for those who demand top-tier performance from their shooting gloves. I like that these gloves are not too fancy and just the right touch for airsoft or any kind of shooting you may want to do.

We even spotted a pair of the Glove Station gloves recently at Fort Benning during operations.

What I personally like about these gloves is that they are easy to get on and off. You can use the touchscreen on your phone or navigational device. I know that these gloves will help you out on the gun range, off road motorcross, obstacle course. This glove can get it done.

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The Oakley SI Assault gloves are a popular choice among military and law enforcement personnel, as well as outdoor enthusiasts who demand high-performance hand protection in demanding environments. These gloves are designed to offer a combination of durability, flexibility, and dexterity. Constructed with a blend of synthetic materials and genuine leather, they provide exceptional resistance to abrasions and wear while maintaining flexibility for precise hand movements.

The Oakley SI Assault Gloves feature a lightweight design that ensures comfort during extended use. The TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) knuckle protection offers impact resistance without hindering hand movement, making them ideal for various tactical scenarios. The touchscreen-compatible design on the thumb and index finger allows for easy use of electronic devices without removing the gloves.

With a hook-and-loop closure and a reinforced trigger finger, these gloves provide a secure fit and enhanced durability. Available in different sizes, the Oakley SI Assault Gloves are designed to fit a wide range of users and are a reliable choice for those seeking superior hand protection, tactility, and versatility in challenging conditions.

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#6 STATION GRIP by 5.11

I think these are a great pair of gloves. Much more rugged than I thought they would be. I have yet to shoot with them but I think they may be a bit thicker than Nomex. My only complaint is that the large size was not as big as I thought it would be.

These 5.11 Station Grip gloves are surprisingly easy to shoot with. Fingers fit in the trigger guards of my 1911 and full size Glocks fine. They’re slightly too big for my compact Glocks though. While I still prefer Nomex for shooting, these gloves are much better all around.

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#5 Voodoo Tactical “Liberator”

Are you kidding me. How cool is this. Skull logos on a black glove. Perfect for riding your motorcycle or busting down doors on your next SWAT raid.

The Voodoo Tactical Phantom gloves are great gloves for any type of tactical activity. They fit nice and snug, the knuckle guard is right were it needs to be, and they are very comfortable. I highly recommend these gloves to everyone, from military to your average paintball player.

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I really liked this glove from the moment I put it on – it fit well. Have used them now several times without issue. You get what you pay for. In this case you get a glove that really fits well. I think that is this is a very good dexterity for re-loading your weapon at the firing range. I dont like to keep taking my gloves off.

The First Tactical glove solves that will extra dexterity where you need it. So when you can get a glove that you can wear the whole time that is a bonus. I had actually forget having them on for a while. If durability is an issue I have not seen evidence yet. For the price I could buy two pairs for less then one of the more expensive other brands.

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These gloves a Special Operations proven in combat by US Special Operations soldiers who require maximum dexterity for fast & accurate shooting with rifle and handgun. Developed by the company PIG (Patrol Incident Gear), these gloves are favored by military and law enforcement personnel, as well as outdoor enthusiasts, for their exceptional performance and dexterity.

FDT stands for Full Dexterity Tactical. I tried them on recently and it has a bare hand feel. Like you have almost nothing on your hand.

One of the standout features of the PIG FDT Delta Tactical Glove is its minimalist design. These gloves are designed to provide a secure fit without bulk, ensuring the wearer can perform tasks that require precision and dexterity, such as firearm manipulation, medical procedures, or operating electronic devices.

Constructed from high-quality materials, the gloves offer a balance between protection and tactile feedback, making them an ideal choice for various professional and recreational activities, from military and law enforcement duties to shooting sports and outdoor pursuits. With its excellent fit, durability, and fine-tuned design, the PIG FDT Delta Tactical Glove has become a popular choice for those who demand top-tier performance from their tactical gloves.

I was able to easily use the touch screen on my phone. I was also able to tie my shoe-laces with the PIG FDT glove and also load 9mm rounds into the magazine of my 9 mil pistol. If you are looking for a high end glove with the best dexterity this is the one.

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#2 Glove Station Impulse

The Glove Station Impulse tactical shooting gloves are a versatile and indispensable asset for various activities, specifically tailored for military and tactical use. Designed with polyester material, these gloves cater to a wide array of purposes, from construction work to tactical shooting, offering durable protection and enhanced grip. Featuring touchscreen compatibility, these gloves allow easy device usage, ensuring high dexterity for performing various tasks without the need to remove them, even while tying shoelaces.

With a focus on protection and durability, these gloves come equipped with anti-vibration and impact-resistant features. Double-stitched seams ensure longevity and robustness, while TPR knuckle protection and thick palm padding, along with PU leather and a V-shape silicone strip, combine to enhance grip and safeguard hands during object handling. Engineered for all-season comfort, these gloves incorporate breathable materials that guarantee prolonged wear without compromising warmth during colder climates. Backed by Glove Station’s unquestioned one-year warranty against craftsmanship or manufacturing defects, these gloves offer reliability and assurance to the wearer, promising long-term durability and performance in diverse operational environments.

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The Magpul Patrol Tactical Glove is an outstanding choice for individuals seeking a high-performance glove that excels in both comfort and functionality. The glove’s durable construction and premium materials ensure excellent protection and longevity, while the touchscreen compatibility allows for easy smartphone use without removing the glove.

The ergonomic design and adjustable wrist closure provide a snug and secure fit, enhancing dexterity and grip. With its superior durability, versatility, and attention to detail, the Magpul Patrol Tactical Glove is a top-tier option for anyone in need of a reliable and comfortable tactical glove.

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These are gloves that we also like and will be adding them to the list.


The Ironclad Tactical Operator Pro Glove, made from durable nylon material in a sleek black color, offers hand protection and performance for various tasks. With a special neoprene knuckle feature, it provides impact and abrasion protection across the knuckles. The adjustable Hook and Loop Closure ensures a secure custom fit for optimal performance, while the terry cloth sweat wipe on the back of the thumb helps manage sweat and maintain focus during work.

I like the suede cuff tab allows for easy positioning of the glove, enhancing efficiency. These gloves are machine washable for easy cleaning, with air drying recommended to maintain their original size and form. Designed with an engineered fit system, Ironclad gloves ensure a comfortable and precise fit, making them ideal for a range of applications.

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#12 Blackhawk S.O.L.A.G. Gloves

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