Top 10 GORUCK Equipment

By Brad McLeod 2-17-2017 (updated 3-11-24)

Getting ready for a GoRuck Challenge?

Check out this list of Top 10 GORUCK equipment that you will need for an upcoming GORUCK event.

You don’t want to get to the event and be without the key things you need to succeed.


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Double check all of your gear by rucking and working out with it so that you will not have a misshap during the actual event.

I personally messed up and did not have my bricks secured so they wandered around in my pack.

No matter if it is a GoRuck Heavy, Challenge or Light – you will need most if not all of these items.


You will need this more than once to check maps, check out your feet and anything else that needs some light.

A good headlamp does not weigh much but can pay for itself quick when you need it.

I like the Black Diamond Storm as an entry level headlamp that will not break the bank.

It puts out enough light (400 lumens) to get you through this event and you can use it for camping or climbing or mountain biking later on.

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Having a good pair of gloves can make a big difference if your carrying rocks and logs overhead.

Once less thing you have to worry about with your hands not getting chewed up into hamburger meat.

Good thing is you can use these work gloves later for shooting or just working around the backyard.

I have a pair of Mechanix gloves and use them every week for riding my bike to working around the house.

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Back up trail running shoes
If your doing a long event like the GoRuck Heavy or Selection you will want to switch up from boots at some point – to a lighter (and dry pair) of trail running shoes.

If you are doing a GoRuck Light or Challenge in the city – you may want to just wear trail running shoes and skip the boots.

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You will need some type of fuel to get you through the event.

You may want to take trail mix or beef jerky or a type of goo fuel.

Either way you will need carbs, protein and good fats to get you through the event.

I personally used the Clif Shot Gel as they are easy to pack and easy to get in your body quickly and give you a good pick me up.

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This may be the best secret insider tip we can give you. Find an anti-chafe lubrication that works and stick with it.

I personally like Bodyglide Original Anti-Chafe Balm on your feet, crotch, under arms and nipples will go a long way.

Check out our SGPT list of Top 10 Anti-chafe creams especially for long endurance type events.

Find out what gear Paige Bowie used to graduate from GoRuck Selection – interview HERE.

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We used these in BUDS training to keep the sand out of our crotch and to reduce chafing.

The same is true today as a new generation picks them up to use for long endurance events.

Throw on a pair of the compression shorts with some anti-chafe balm and you will reduce chafing by a ton.

They will not eliminate all of it but is a huge step in the right direction.

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Use a good pair of wool socks with an thin inner liner. This is an old school method from way back in the 70’s. Use a thin inner liner sock on your foot.

Place a slightly larger thicker sock on over the top of that. Make sure socks are a poly-wool blend.

I like the Darn Tough Merino Wool Micro Crew Sock. I have several pair of them myself. Don’t use cotton. Make sure you coated your foot in anti-chafe balm.

Your pretty much going blister free unless you make a fubu and wear brand new boots.

Even then the double socks and anti-chafe balm will protect your feet like mad.

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This is a must have as you will not have the time or energy to take off your pack to get water out of a bottle.

You will want to have the water bladder hose near your mouth at all times to get rehydrated.

Try out the hose in training so that it will not slip as you will be turned up side down in the actual event.

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Wear a bad fitting backpack and you will pay the price.

Get a good ruck now that fits your body and it will make life alot better.

You don’t need a big ruck – you just need a ruck that fits.

Make sure you have room to hold things when your in a bear crawl or pressing overhead.

We like the GR1 Ruck by GoRuck as it comes with a great warranty and is perfect for the event.

Check price at


If you are not ready to put down a lot of money or your just looking for an alternative. There are several options that will give you value.

The Eberlestock Bandit Pack is your ultimate companion whether you’re signing up for a GORUCK event, hitting the local trails or heading to the office. It’s super lightweight and designed to handle all-day adventures, featuring handy MOLLE webbing for attaching extra gear and pockets for easy access to your essentials.

I personally like the Erberlestock backpack.

With a spacious interior and compact dimensions, it won’t weigh you down or take up too much space. Plus, it’s built for comfort with padded straps and a ventilated back panel, ensuring you stay comfortable even on long journeys. Stay hydrated on the move with its hydration compatibility, and rest assured with Eberlestock’s guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

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The single most important item on your list is your boots.
You can have the most tricked out ruck and all the bells and whistles – but if you boots suck – your going to be shut down.

We like the Nike Special Field Boot as they are lightweight, drain well, and cost less than $90.

Hard to beat that.

Check price at


Check out this extended list to help you get ready for the event.


If your doing a day event you will want to keep the sun off your head with a floppy hat.

This is a cool hat and you can use it for hunting or fishing also.

Check price at

If its rainy or cold out you will want to have an extra poly pull over cap.

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