GORUCK Bullet Review

GoRuck TIP: This Ruck was designed for hydration and simple storage, making it the ideal choice for GORUCK Nasty.

The Bullet is also great for a GORUCK Light as it fits up to six bricks (four comfortably) or a 20LB Filler Bag.

GoRuck Bullet Ruck Review
The Bullet Ruck is a great bag for carrying everyday when you don’t need a full size ruck.

I have used it previously as a camera bag as the more narrow design keeps all my gear secure and from moving around.

The hydration compartment is perfect for a 3L water bladder to use while out taking photos or going for a run.

I like the 5L Bullet for biking, the 10L for camera gear and the 15L for longer trips.

All the sizes have drain holes that are great at keeping water from collecting inside.

GORUCK 10L Hydration Bullet Pack

GoRuck 10L Bullet has a volume of 10 liters
The GoRuck bullet is designed to fit seamlessly to encompass a 3L liter hydration bladder.

goruck bullet rucks

Wiki’s gear gives the GoRuck 10L bullet rucksack a 7+ review and says it not quite big enough for 4 bricks to do your GoRuck light.

The Bullet Ruck provides the most compact storage available in our rucksacks. Great for day outings, the Bullet Ruck can tightly pack your gear, carry your bladder, and attach up to a GR2 Field Pocket with MOLLE on the front.

The Bullet is built in the USA of military-grade, highly water resistant materials and has two compartments: one main, one hydration next to wearer’s back
Main compartment opens flat, internal pocket layout allows for optimal organization

The Bullet is 17 inches tall and the compartment next to the wearer’s back is reinforced to secure a hydration bladder with a button to hold the bladder in place.

The Bullet has an external slant pocket that gives quick access to keys, snacks, and other small items
2”x3” VELCRO® on front allows you to customize the GR Bullet Ruck 10-liter with the patch of your choice (patch is not included – you got to do a GoRuck event to get the patch)
Scars Lifetime Guarantee

Questions from our readers online.

Question: What about the differences between the T3 reload hydration backpack vs goruck bullet? I know athletes with the GoRuck bullet and they love it. It would be good to hear more reviews on the t3 gear vs GoRuck.

Question: I am training for a GoRuck Challenge – should i get a goruck bullet ruck? You would probably be better off with a GR-1 ruck for training.

Question: Coach, what do you think the best color for goruck gr1 pack is? I like the gray myself.

Question: Where can I find goruck bullet ruck pictures? Check out the photos of the GoRuck bullet above.

Question: Where can I find a GR2 field pocket review? Check out the GR2 field pocket review here:

Question: What about using the goruck echo as a camera bag? Yes; it is a smaller bag and would work great for that.

Question: Are the GORUCK cadre former members of the US Military? Yes.

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