Top 10 Survival Tents for 2024

Check out the reviews and comparisons for the top 10 survival tents for 2024 and you make the best decision which one is best for your next adventure.

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#10 Geertop Ultralight Bivvy

The GEERTOP Ultralight Bivy Tent for 1 Person is a top choice for solo adventurers seeking a reliable shelter for camping, hiking, and backpacking. Weighing in at less than 4 pounds and with compact dimensions of 84(L) x 39(W) x 36(H) inches, this ultralight tent is easy to carry and saves space in your backpack. The portable and breathable design features two ventilation windows and doors, ensuring optimal airflow and a comfortable sleep. Its camouflage color adds a touch of outdoor style to your camping gear.

This professional bivy tent offers double-layer protection with an inner tent and a tent fly, keeping you dry even during rainstorms with its PU 2500mm waterproof rating. The fast setup, taking less than ten minutes with the two-pole frame, makes it convenient for both experienced and inexperienced campers. The durable construction, made of 210T ripstop PU2500mm polyester fabric and lightweight yet strong aluminum poles, ensures reliability in various outdoor conditions. With reflective materials for safety at night and extra vestibules for storing gear, the GEERTOP Ultralight Bivy Tent provides a secure and comfortable space for solo outdoor adventures across multiple seasons.

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#9 Winterial bivvy

The Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent is an ideal choice for solo adventurers looking for a reliable and lightweight shelter during their backpacking, camping, or hiking trips. Designed as a 3-season tent for use in Spring, Fall, and Summer, this tent provides full coverage, ventilation, and insulation with its included rainfly, ensuring comfort in various weather conditions. The fast and easy setup is a standout feature, requiring the installation of two aluminum poles and staking down the corners, allowing campers to have their tent ready in just 5 minutes. When it’s time to pack up, everything neatly fits into the included travel bag for convenient transportation.

Packed with features, the Winterial Single Person Tent includes a convenient internal pocket, waterproof rainfly, durable waterproof floor, and sturdy all-metal poles and stakes. Weighing only 2 pounds and 9 ounces, and compact at 18″ x 4.5″ x 4″ when packed, it’s easy to carry and won’t take up much space in your backpack.

The tent’s dimensions when set up are 38″ x 28″ x 90″, offering ample space for a single person. With its thoughtful design and durability, the Winterial Bivy Tent is tailored for those seeking a high-quality, solo camping experience.

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#8 Outdoor Research Helium bivvy

The Outdoor Research Helium Bivy is all about keeping it light and efficient for hikers who want durability and protection without the weight. Carefully crafted to be ultralight, this bivy tent is perfect for those long hikes where every ounce counts. It’s a simple yet functional shelter, designed with precision for adventurers tackling remote and challenging terrains.

For weight-conscious hikers, the ultralight design of the Outdoor Research Helium Bivy doesn’t skimp on the essentials. It’s a minimalist yet reliable shelter that combines simplicity with the necessary features for outdoor expeditions. With this bivy tent, hikers get the best of both worlds – the freedom to carry a lightweight and compact shelter without compromising on the performance needed to brave the unpredictable elements of the great outdoors.

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#7 ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 1.5 Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Mystique 1.5-Person Tent is a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts, designed with ease of use and weather resistance in mind. The tent features a user-friendly aluminum two-pole design that eliminates assembly frustration, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup. Crafted for mountaineering adventures, the tent’s weatherproof fly resists water and UV damage, ensuring it stays taut and dependable in various weather conditions.

With a focus on functionality, the Mystique Tent series includes a fly that provides a vestibule over each mesh-covered door, offering extra storage space and added weather protection. Fully equipped with #8 zippers, a mesh storage pocket, aluminum stakes, and guy ropes, this tent is prepared for the demands of the outdoors. The base size of 4′ x 8′ and a center height of 36″ provide ample space, and with a total weight of 4 lbs. 13 oz. and a minimum weight of 4 lbs. 2 oz., it strikes a balance between durability and lightweight portability. Whether you’re embarking on a mountaineering expedition or setting up camp for a camping adventure, the ALPS Mountaineering Mystique Tent delivers reliable performance with a touch of convenience.

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The MIER Lanshan Ultralight Tent is a versatile and durable choice for outdoor enthusiasts engaged in 1-person or 2-person camping, trekking, kayaking, climbing, and hiking adventures. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, this camping tent is equipped with special features like its 3-season suitability, ultralight build, and waterproof design. The tent is ideal for various outdoor activities, including traveling, backpacking, trekking, camping, hiking, and fishing.

Weighing in at only 2.8 pounds for the 2-person version, the MIER Lanshan Ultralight Tent combines ultralight convenience with durability. It stands firm in windy storms and withstands hail and thunderstorms effectively. The tent offers ample space and storage, with upgraded dimensions for enhanced comfort. It features two hooks for hanging a lamp or fan and a mesh pocket for storing small items. The waterproof design, with a higher rating than similar products, includes a seam-taped rainfly and a bathtub floor for added protection against the elements. Additionally, the tent is multifunctional, allowing it to be set up as a tarp-tent without a bathtub and mesh walls or as an inner mesh tent without the rainfly, providing flexibility for various camping scenarios.

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The MSR Quick-Pitch Waterproof Pro Bivy Emergency Shelter is a go-to choice for lightweight and breathable shelter during high-alpine camping adventures. Designed for 3 occupants, this bivy sack offers a compact and convenient solution for those tight spots where traditional tents won’t fit. With a length of 88 inches and a width of 36 inches, its compact design ensures it can snugly fit into small nooks and crannies that might be too tight for a regular tent.

Crafted with weatherproof yet breathable fabric featuring Xtreme Shield waterproof coating, this emergency shelter offers extended durability, lasting up to 3 times longer than standard coatings. The bivy shelter is highly portable, packing down to a mere 8 inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 4 inches in height, making it easy to carry in the included stuff sack. Weighing only 12 ounces with a minimum weight of 10 ounces, it’s a lightweight companion for camping and hiking. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a 3-year limited warranty, ensuring peace of mind for outdoor enthusiasts relying on the MSR Quick-Pitch Waterproof Pro Bivy Emergency Shelter.

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#4 Snugpack Stratosphere

The Snugpak Stratosphere Shelter is a reliable choice for solo camping and hiking adventures, providing a compact and waterproof solution for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed to accommodate one person, this bivy sack features inner dimensions of 91 inches in length, 32 inches in width, and 20 inches in height. Its lightweight and compact pack size, measuring 12 inches long by 5 inches wide, makes it easy to carry, weighing only 2.5 pounds. The shelter is built to stand up to severe weather conditions, offering superior waterproofing with a top fabric made of 50D nylon Rip-Stop and a 5000 millimeter waterproof polyurethane coating.

The Stratosphere Shelter ensures comfort and protection with its full-length side zip, allowing for easy access and ventilation. The top fabric’s waterproof coating, combined with the bottom fabric’s 8000 millimeter waterproof polyurethane coating, provides reliable defense against the elements. For added convenience, the shelter features a rollaway No-See-Um mosquito net in the spacious head canopy and a back mesh section for additional ventilation, preventing condensation buildup. The package includes a basic repair kit containing essential items like a metal pole repair sleeve, tent guide rope tensioner, spare cord, elastic loop, patch materials, and a storage bag, ensuring that you’re prepared for any unexpected situations during your outdoor adventures.

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#3 Black Diamond Twilight

The Black Diamond Twilight Bivy is a minimalist, four-season shelter crafted from water-resistant and breathable NanoShield fabric, ensuring a lightweight design that packs down incredibly small. This bivy serves as an excellent emergency shelter or a cover for your sleeping bag. With a zippered entry across the shoulders, it offers easy access and usability even while sitting up, adding to its practicality.

Designed with a frameless construction to minimize weight, the proprietary NanoShield single-wall fabric provides year-round performance. The bivy covers an area of 1.75 square meters (18.75 square feet) and weighs just 302 grams (10.7 ounces). Its dimensions, measuring 208 x 84 cm (82 x 33 in), cater to a comfortable yet compact space. When packed, the Black Diamond Twilight Bivy shrinks down to a mere 8 x 13 cm (3 x 5 in), making it a convenient and reliable choice for those who prioritize lightweight and efficient outdoor gear. Additionally, Black Diamond stands behind their product with a two-year warranty, emphasizing their confidence in the quality and durability of the Twilight Bivy.

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Snugpak brings you a reliable and compact solution for solo adventurers with their 1-Person Mummy Bivvi Bag. Designed in a mummy shape, this bivvi bag is suitable for all seasons, ensuring comfort in various weather conditions. The bag comes in an olive color and is made of Paratex Dry fabric, providing a completely waterproof, durable, and lightweight protective shell that effectively keeps out the elements.

Crafted for efficiency, the bivvi bag is windproof, trapping warm air inside to keep you cozy and preventing cold air from getting in. The fabric technology excels at water wicking, making it an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts. With dimensions of 90 inches long by 33 inches wide, the bag is equipped with a half-length center zip for easy access. It weighs only 12 ounces, packs down to a travel-friendly 6 inches by 4 inches, and comes with a stuff sack for convenience. Whether used for camping or as an emergency shelter during unexpected weather events, the Snugpak 1-Person Mummy Bivvi Bag ensures you stay warm and dry when you need it most.

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Sierra Designs presents the Backcountry Bivy Bag, a perfect companion for backpacking, camping, bikepacking, and mountaineering adventures. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, this bivy bag is suitable for a single occupant. In a mummy shape and crafted from 20D Nylon Ripstop material, it provides durability without compromising on weight, making it ultralight for those who prioritize minimalism in their outdoor gear.

The Backcountry Bivy Bag features a large U-shaped opening, ensuring easy entry and exit, especially beneficial when paired with Sierra Designs’ Backcountry Bed and sleeping pad. For added convenience and comfort during good weather, there’s a mesh window panel for ventilation. The top fabric is both waterproof and breathable, enhancing overall comfort during your outdoor escapades. Additionally, the bivy bag includes a guy line loop, allowing you to increase the peak height for added comfort. With dimensions of 11 inches in length and 6 inches in width, this lightweight bivy bag is designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts seeking a minimalist and reliable shelter for their solo adventures.

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#11 Kelty Late Start

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Question: Why would you need a survival bivvy shelter?

A survival bivvy shelter is like a superhero cape for outdoor lovers. Whether you’re a survival expert, a backpacker, or just someone who loves adventures, having a bivvy shelter is like having a safety blanket for nature. It’s your emergency home when unexpected things happen, like getting lost or facing wild weather.

These little shelters are like magic – small and easy to carry. Backpackers love them because they don’t make the backpack heavy. Adventure athletes, always facing tough weather, use bivvy shelters to stay dry and warm. Imagine it like a cozy cocoon protecting you from rain, wind, and cold. Just open it up, and booyah! You’ve got a quick and simple shelter, your own little haven in the wild. It’s not just for experts; it’s for anyone who wants a bit of comfort and safety while exploring the great outdoors.

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