Top 10 Survival Bug Out Tents

Check out this list of Top 10 Survival Bug Out Tents and you decide if it is good enough for your next adventure into the wild. If your going to build out a “Bug Out Bag” for a survival retreat then you may as well throw in an emergency shelter of some type.

Yes; you can use a tarp and rough it for a while – maybe. But if your serious about providing good shelter for you and your family when the #$@% hits the fan – then read on.


I recently purchased the Snugpak Ionosphere 1 person tent for a solo camping trip, and I have to say, I was impressed with its performance. The tent is lightweight and easy to pack, making it ideal for backpacking trips. It was also easy to set up, taking me less than 10 minutes to pitch it.

The tent features a waterproof and breathable flysheet, which kept me dry during a rainy night, and the mesh inner tent provided good ventilation, preventing any condensation buildup. I also liked the fact that the tent had a small porch area, which provided a bit of extra storage space for my gear. Overall, I found the Snugpak Ionosphere 1 person tent to be a great choice for anyone looking for a compact and reliable shelter for solo camping trips.
Weight: 3.4 lbs/1.49 kg
Area: 94.5″L x 35.4″W x 102.4″H
Cost: roughly $339 US

#9 Outdoor Research Helium Bivy

The Outdoor Research Helium Bivy shelter is an exceptional piece of outdoor gear that offers reliable protection and versatility for solo adventurers. This lightweight and compact bivy shelter is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while providing a comfortable sleeping environment. The durable and waterproof Pertex Shield fabric keeps you dry and protected from rain, snow, and wind. Despite its sturdy construction, the shelter remains breathable, preventing condensation buildup inside.

The Helium Bivy is easy to set up, thanks to its single-pole design and adjustable stake loops. It also features a small hoop over the head area, creating ample space for your upper body and allowing for ventilation. The zipper closure provides easy access, and the fully taped seams enhance water resistance. Whether you’re backpacking, hiking, or mountaineering, the Outdoor Research Helium Bivy shelter is a reliable and lightweight option that offers excellent protection and comfort for your outdoor adventures.

The Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent is a reliable and compact shelter that is perfect for solo camping and backpacking adventures. This lightweight tent offers excellent protection against the elements, keeping you dry and comfortable even in inclement weather. The durable and waterproof materials ensure that you stay warm and dry throughout the night.

The tent’s single-pole design and easy setup make it convenient to assemble, and the spacious interior provides ample room for one person and their gear. The mesh vent and zippered door allow for proper ventilation and easy access, while the taped seams add an extra layer of weather resistance. Overall, the Winterial Single Person Personal Bivy Tent is a practical and dependable option that offers great value for the price.

Alpinismo 4 Season Tent 
This keeps the wind out in the winter, the vestibules are huge on this thing, and it’s small enough for backpacking (for 2 to fit in, and 1 to carry.)

I don’t think I could find anything else that appears to be this quality for this price. And I have tried it in the winter around 0 degrees F, and it did a wonderful job. The inside of the tent warmed up just because of our breathing in less than a 1/2 hour to somewhere near room temp or a little colder. I’ll post pictures when I can find where I put them!

GoLite Shangri-La 8+ Nest Night Mesh

During my trips up Raineer, I learned that the Shangri-La 2 pitched best if I first squared and anchored the four corners with something like a ski pole or ice axe, and then used adjustable ski poles for the two center supports.

I also got in the habit of making sure I had really good anchors for the lines running from the top of the tent for stablity. I added my own cord to most of the guy lines above ground level, and added small loops of cord to the attachment points at ground level that did not already have these sewn on.

Snugpak Tent Scorpion 3 – I wanted a stealthy tent for backpacking/camping.

Was considering this Snugpak Scorpion3, Snugpak Bunker, and the US Marine Combat tent.

All 3 are roughly $300 and do about the same thing. During a cold snowing day I camped out with this gear:

Adventure Medical Kits Survive Outdoors Longer Survival Medic Kit

Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest SOLite Sleeping Pad (Regular, Silver/Sage)

Exped DownMat 9 Sleeping Pad (Black, Medium)

SnugPak Softie Elite 3, Black, RH Zip SP92826

Sea to Summit Reactor Thermolite Sleeping Bag Liner

In the end I picked the Snugpak Scorpion.

Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Backpacking 2 Person Tent: As a first-time backpacker/camper, I bought this tent based on customer reviews for last year’s model. I have to say,

I could not be more pleased with how easy this tent was to set up. I set this tent up in 5-10 minutes after a very quick skim of the instructions — and I had never set a tent up in my life. It’s literally two poles and a few color-coded clips and, voila! I was one of the first out of 20 in camp to have my tent up, and this includes a few veteran campers.

After researching literally dozens of tents that I could take on a motorcycle trip, I chose this one. I took the Eureka Suma tent into the mountains in June for 8-days of traveling around, and encountered a number of night storms. Didn’t leak at all.

Setup is a breeze for one person, takes about 5 minutes…can do it in less time if it’s raining and you hurry. The dual vestibules are very nice, great place to put your boots and gear to get them out of the weather. Plenty of ventilation, and didn’t have any problem with condensation inside. Keeps the bugs out just fine.

The Suma tent is a 2 or 3 person tent so you will have plenty of room if the weather gets bad.


I have had this tent since this newer generation Fury 2 was released. There are a lot of things I like about this shelter. This is a key part of my system, I sleep great in any situation within the Four seasons (with proper gear of course).. I’ve used this mostly in Fall or Winter. 0 degrees and Snow, or Pouring rain. no problems so far. I love how the rain fly cinches up and clips in. The tent sets up fast. There’s enough storage for my items inside the tent.

The vestibule is a little small but it holds my pack and boots before bed. If i sleep in the Snow I will line the shelter floor with a nice heavy wool blanket and insulated inflatable sleeping roll. and warm base layers… This shelter will keep you dry and secure feeling i promise you that.

Watch your buddies gear fail around you as the years go by, Yours won’t! I have used it time and time and been very satisfied. I have nothing bad to say about the MSR Fury other than its a little small but this is a backpacking rig and that’s why i bought it. Light and portable and can take a piss load of weather and keep on trucking. I just used it last week on a fishing trip in Iowa.

Questions from our readers online.

QUESTION: How do you repair and make your bug out tent last longer?

ANSWER: I carry duck tape in the field to help repair any small holes or tears. When I get home I wash my survival tent in a five gallon bucket with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. I then hang it out to dry and store it back in the bag.

QUESTION: If you had to pick between a tarp vs survival tent – which would you choose.

ANSWER: I would pick a lightweight survival tent if I knew the conditions could be bad. If the temps were mild and no chance of bad weather then I may pick a tarp.

QUESTION: Do you have any user reviews for the snugpak ionosphere? Yes; check out the reviews for the Snugpak Ionosphere tent above.

QUESTION: Do you have a small /little bug out shelter with adjustable pole?

ANSWER: Yes; check out several of the small bug out tents above that have adjustable poles.

Question: What is the best bug out bag two person tent? Check out the reviews above as we have some good reviews on bug out bag survival tents.

Question: What is the best family survival tent for a bug out bag? We like the tents like the Coleman Montana 8 Tent as they are basic but good.

Question: Is the Sierra Designs ASP 3 person tent a good bug out survival tent? Yes; the Sierra Designs ASP is light weight and sturdy so that would be the first thing to check. The Sierra Designs Flash 3-Person Tent is also another good bug out tent for more than one person.

Question: Do you have any reviews for the Mountainsmith Morrison 2 tent? Yes; check out the video and reviews above on the Mountainsmith tent.

Question: What do you rank as one of the best survival tent values? I like the MSR Fury tent as a go to survival tent.

Question: What about the snugpak bunker vs scorpion 3? Both are good tents and we checked them out at a recent trade show. The Bunker retails at $228 and has 2 doors. The Scorpion is $262 and has one door and three vents.

Question: What about core equipment company tent with h2o block technology?

Question: How can I find out more info on the Outdoor Alliance? Check out there website here:

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