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The Top 10 Must-Have Military Survival Knives

By Brad McLeod 1-20-24 The Top 10 Must-Have Military Survival Knives I just got this question the other day. “What would be your top 10 military survival knives? Thats a good question so lets dive into this curated list. Crafted to meet the demands of intense situations, these knives are a must-have for those seeking... Read More
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Survive and Thrive: Unveiling the Top 10 Special Forces Survival Kit Essentials

We get questions all the time on what gear would a Special Forces soldier put in his survival kit. Or “Do you have a survival kit you could recommend that is already put together”?. Lets take a look at some survival kits and items where you can build your own. The best place to start... Read More
Featured image for “Chopping Edge Excellence: The Ultimate Top 10 Survival Hatchets”

Chopping Edge Excellence: The Ultimate Top 10 Survival Hatchets

In the relentless pursuit of survival readiness, few tools match the raw versatility and compact utility of the survival hatchet. As a stalwart companion in the untamed wilderness or a crucial asset in military operations, the hatchet stands as a symbol of reliability and multifaceted functionality. Within this comprehensive guide, we present the top 10... Read More
Featured image for “Shelter on the Go: Top 10 Ultra-Portable Survival Bivy Tents”

Shelter on the Go: Top 10 Ultra-Portable Survival Bivy Tents

When you’re out in the wild, facing the unpredictable forces of nature, having a reliable shelter is as crucial as any tool in your kit. Survival bivy tents serve as your instant refuge, providing quick and efficient protection against the elements. These ultra-portable shelters are more than just tents; they’re your mobile sanctuary, designed to... Read More
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Survival Bug Out Bag List

The world is not getting any safer and the chances for a natural disaster are increasing. Hurricanes, earthquakes, civil unrest, you name it.. you may need to bug out in the near future. Improve your chances of surviving by putting together a simple Survival Bug Out list. This could be considered a Top 20 Survival... Read More
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Wise Company coupon code

We know that Life can be uncertain and very unpredictable. We know that you want to protect your family and be ready for any event whether it is a flood, fire, or natural disaster. You cannot predict these events so you need to get ready and prepare your family now. Free Shipping on Orders over... Read More
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Top 10 Survival Water Filters

The first thing you will need in any survival situation is drinkable water. You can go without food for several days but only hours without water. Having good clean water will be key to keeping your body running. Dirty water will make you sick quickly and put you in a very stressful situation. If your... Read More
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SEAL Team Six SUMA Survival Kit Review

If your looking for the most bad ass wicked military gear on the planet – no one has the better gear than SEAL Team Six. These guys have an unlimited budget and are the ultimate description of “High Speed Low Drag”. They get to test exotic weapons and gear before it is released to the... Read More
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Car Survival Kit List

After the big ice storm in Atlanta left thousands of motorist trapped in their cars – we got dozens of emails asking what we should I used an old backpack that I had left over from the military and put all of these items inside for safe keeping. You can get a used Alice Pack... Read More
Featured image for “Navy SEAL Trick to Stop Looters”

Navy SEAL Trick to Stop Looters

We get asked all the time questions about survival during a disaster. Last week we were asked “What is a Navy SEAL trick to stop looters?”. Funny you should ask as we just put many of our tips to use last week during the Atlanta ice and snow storm. We hunkered down without a care... Read More
Featured image for “A Navy SEAL Reveals His Top 10 Survival Tips | This Article Could Save Your Life”

A Navy SEAL Reveals His Top 10 Survival Tips | This Article Could Save Your Life

Even if your hikes/rucks are in safe areas and/or short (like day hikes), it’s still a good idea to make sure you have supplies to keep you safe and free from worrying about survival if something should happen. Always be prepared for scenarios like having heavy weather set in, or you getting lost. Follow these... Read More
Featured image for “Top 3 Basic Survival Skills”

Top 3 Basic Survival Skills

We get asked this question every other week. “What are your top 3 basic survival skills you need to know out in the field?” Check out our list of these critical items you must know. WATER At some point you must find water and food in that order. You can live up to 3 days... Read More
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