Car Survival Kit List

car survival bag kit listAfter the big ice storm in Atlanta left thousands of motorist trapped in their cars – we got dozens of emails asking what we should

I used an old backpack that I had left over from the military and put all of these items inside for safe keeping. You can get a used Alice Pack for less than $50 and it will last for a decade plus.

If something is going to leave you stranded on the side of the road it is the battery in your car. Try keeping your car warm in cold temps and you will want to run the car with the heat on. Fall asleep and the car runs out of gas and the battery drains. Been there done that. Have an extra pair of Jumper cables (aka booster cables).

This should be a top item no matter what your doing. Always have a knife and multi-tool nearby. If you don’t have a multi-tool then throw in a pair of pliers, screwdriver and pocket knife as a backup.

You will always want to have a map of the area that your traveling in. Don’t rely on your phone or GPS as you may get caught stranded in the mountains or in a bad satellite area. Always have local maps as a backup.


This goes without saying but have at least a small first-aid kit in your bag. A few bandaids, iodine, alcohol swaps and adhesive tape can go a long way towards patching up a scratch or a cut.

If your going to get stranded or have a problem it seems to always be at night. Make sure you have a good flashlight with some extra batteries. We like the MagLite 3-D Cell LED Flashlight as it always performs when we need it.

# 6 RAG
You can always use an extra rag. If you are in distress you can tie in on your antenna.

because you can fix a lot of things with Duct tape.

the folded $1 type

This blanket works wonders if your trying to stay warm in your car overnight. Simply put the Emergency Mylar Thermal blanket down with reflective surface towards you. This will help keep you warm through the night.

#10 Folding shovel
(entrenching tool)

11.) Fuses for fuse box

12.) Water bottles

13.) Protein bars or M.R.E. (meal-ready-to-eat)

14.) Reflective tape or reflective triangles (flares are hard to find)

15.) Your cell phone

16.) Lighter or water proof matches, or flint rod.

17.) Compass

18.) 550 cord (named after its tensile strength) or para cord. Google the number of uses for this stuff, you’ll be amazed.

Add in a pair of boots that you leave in the trunk or back seat. This is especially key as many motorist were leaving work in Atlanta and wearing dress shoes. They ended up being stranded in ice and 3 inches of snows. One of my friends had an extra pair of boots in his trunk and put those on and hiked to a warm place.

I always like to carry a 9mm pistol with extra rounds where ever I go.

Top 10 Survival Bug Out list

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