Top 10 Military Survival Knives

top 10 military survival knife reviewsWhen we are loading out our Survival Bug Out Bag – one of the top items we will always have is a great knife.

You never know when you will need it. I try to carry a knife everyday and most places I go.

Generally we look for a sturdy knife that is balance and has both a pointed end for piercing and a serrated edge for sawing.

Check out these reviews for the Top 10 Military Survival Knives and you be the judge which one you will put in your backpack.

Bear Grylls Survival Series Folding Sheath Knife

I own two of the Bear Grylls Ultimate knives. The Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade Survival knife is well built and ready for the long haul. As I posted in that particular review, they are great knives and I gave them 5 stars based upon the quality of the product, what the product included and the price point.

And as I mentioned in that review, check the wholesale clubs. I bought both of mine at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Regular price was $49 which included the BG’s Ultimate and the orange basic survival kit. $49 is a fair price but I hit two separate sales and got the knife/emergency kit for $39 and $34 respectively. So this made a good deal into a great deal!

Tops B.O.B. Survival Knife

This is the Finest knife I have ever owned. I sell knifes, survivor iteam, and I also make and sell Native American Reproductions.

I have been dealing with and collecting Knifes for many years and this Tops Knives HHS2020 Hawkes Hellion Survivor Knife is OUTSTANDING I had a hard time getting a hold of this knife and I had to pay full price for it because none of my whole sallers could get it but it was worth every penny.

Gerber 22-01400 LMF II Survival Knife

I bought this knife for camping and backpacking. The case straps to your calf or belt. The knife is heavy duty and can take a beating.

The Gerber LMF II Survival Knife is everything you would want in a tactical blade. It reminds me of the Marine K-bar or the Navy dive knives from the 80s. I knew it was a good knife before I bought it, I just didn’t realize how good. It has some weight to it, but has a ton of great features. The blade is nearly 5 inches long and partially serrated.

The case is fire resistant, has a built in sharpener, and securely holds the knife in place. The grip is comfortable and secure. Gerber designed this knife with the military, you can tell. I love Gerber, and I love the LMF 2, defiantly the best knife I own.

United Cutlery Bush Master Survival Knife

For the Price, it’s more than worth it!! If you want a decent survival knife without breaking the bank, this is for you. The blade is heavy, comes sharpened fairly well, and even the typically redundant saw-teeth have a good edge on them.

I am by no means a small person, so this knife works well for me. It may be a bit too big for others.

Gerber 31-000558 Prodigy Tanto Knife review

I want to start off by saying this is an awesome knife and I really, really like it. The purpose of this review is to point out some of the details that may not be explicit or obvious in the product description:
Construction- This is one of their products that is made in Portland, not in China like part of their product line. Full tang, grippy handle, etc.

Tanto Blade- Looks really tough! Probably will never need its increased piercing ability but looks do count for something! Snap Restraint on Sheath- The snap has some elastic built into it so that you don’t have to struggle to get it closed. Really love this feature over some comparable knives that have straight webbing for the handle restraint.Price- This is great value for the money. Paid just over 50$ for mine through

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Knife review

I purchased this knife because I wanted an ergonomic survival knife that was both high quality and affordable. I got it delivered to me on a silver platter with this blade.

A bolt of excitement will shoot up your spine the moment you grasp the handle and remove the cardboard shipping sheath from it and realize you’re holding a tractable survival knife that is thicker than a pry bar. It is a serious hunk of metal at 1/4″ thick – as thick as a Tom Brown Tracker or a Busse Ash-1 without costing as much as a Playstation 3.


MTECH USA XTREME MX-8054 Tactical Fixed Blade Knife review

So first off, very thick blade and sturdy handle. The blade serrations on the back would be more benificial with an actual edge, but it’s not a flaw by any means.

The inward drop on the middle of the blade is the most useful part to this blade in my opinion.
The tanto point is sharp, the blade however is not, but within few minutes it now is.
The sheath has a plastic insert that does not rattle as much as one would think. It has a button snap for the handle, and a pouch in the front that is velcro. Also it has an adjustable leg strap, along with extra nylon cord.

Overall, I can see this being my new favorite knife. Plus ultra fast and cheap shipping. Totally worth it. 5 stars solid.

Ontario 1400 ASEK Survival Knife review

I must say I really like this knife. The grip is great and feels extremely secure in your hand. The sheath is very well made and feels of great quality. The knife was designed to be a pilot survival knife if the plane ever went down, so the saw on the backside of the blade was designed to cut through aluminum while the serration on the edge is likely for cutting through a shoulder harness.

The blade has a textured black matte (Zinc phosphate) finish that’s meant to make it anti-reflective (i.e. survival mode behind enemy lines). The guard itself isn’t just rubber, but metal covered with the same rubber that surrounds the handle. The weighted butt cap has a point which makes breaking through glass (or plexiglass) easy and overall makes the balance a bit handle heavy which I like.

The only negative is that the non-serrated top part of the blade comes way too dull. Easy enough to resolve as it just requires some sharpening, but it should come sharp from the factory in my opinion. I won’t take a star away from my rating because of that however since it’s easy enough to correct.

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife review

I’ve had my eye on this knife for more than a year now and noticed a drop in price… and then another drop, $33.50 with free shipping and it was just a reflex at that point. After I bought it I watched it go down to $29 here on Amazon…

THIS IS CRAZY!!! Getting 1/4″ thick, 1095 steel blade at this price is absolutely SICK! If you’re looking for a Tough, Beefy, Heavy Workhorse of a knife… Look no further. An Incredible buy at this price! I’m not a prophet but I predict this knife will be one of the most popular survival knives in a year or so. I bet they will fly off the shelf once everyone catches on and gets over the overseas production thing.

Schrade SCHF2SM Extreme Survival One-Piece Steel Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife with Nylon Sheath review

Over all I’m happy with the knife. i looked a long time for just the right knife for me and this looked like the one. i know most survival experts say not to get a knife with a hollow handle but the knife blade and handle are all one once piece and very hefty. the knife came with a decent edge on it. it didn’t take much to get a really good edge on it.

The sheath is rather cheep but sort of expected for the price. (I will make a good leather one for it later). i had to clean the threads out on the handle cap, they were so rough the cap wouldn’t seal. a few people said they didn’t like the handle but i like it a lot. i also like the fact you could make a spear out of it very easy if it was needed. my fiancée and i backpack and he liked the knife also but it is a little heavy for backpacking.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools E37T-K Seal Pup Elite Knife with Part-Serrated Fixed 4.85-Inch AUS-8 Steel Blade and GRN Handle, Kydex Sheath, Black TiNi review

This is the best survival knife I have ever had. Several years ago I was issued a SEAL Pup as a test article for SWCC boat teams (long since retired). The knife was an excellent survival knife and tested well. Ufortunately, it was subsequently stolen from me during a break-in and I have missed it ever since. I finally broke down and got a replacement and am thrilled with the features that have been added since my original.

Spyderco Tenacious Knife w/ G10 Handle review

So here’s the thing. I own a lot of high end knives. From Sogs, Kershaws, Emersons, Zero Tolerance, Benchmades you name it. I’ve known about the Tenacious for a while and have heard good things about it, but considering the low price, I didn’t consider it to be a quality knife. But I needed a knife for work that I can use and not be afraid to mess up, so for less than $40 I decided to pick one up. Holy cow I feel so stupid! Why did I pass up this knife? Why didn’t I buy this knife long ago? It is absolutely a beast of a knife! Out of the box it is SCARY sharp. And I mean sharp. It cut me twice. And in all honesty (this is sad), out of all my knives, it is the sharpest knife I have out of the box. Yup. A less than $40 knife. The sharpest out of all.

Ka-Bar Becker BK3 Tac Tool Knife review

I just received this knife yesterday, and while I haven’t had to use it for work yet, I really don’t feel that it is premature to leave a review. This thing is even more solid than I’d hoped.

I’m a medic deployed to Afghanistan with an airborne unit – I leave the wire about every day. I wanted something that would function as a strap cutter while having enough heft to easily hack a limb off of a tree (for use as a splint). I heard nothing but good about Ka-Bars from other guys in my unit, so I thought I’d try one. This looks like it’ll work great. It’s heavy, but really nice to have.

Question: What kind of knife is issued at the Turning Steel course? We are issued small 5.11 Tactical folding knives. I love them.

Question: What about Gerber vs SOG? Do you have a preference? I have a Gerber knife and used it for years on my vest for kayaking. I have a SOG jungle knife that I carry in my bug out bag. Both are great with different uses.

Question: How can I learn more about the military and Navy SEALs? Check out the website here:

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