Air Force Sergeant Conquers His 100% Disability Rating and Returns to Full Duty

Airforce Sergeant Israel Del Toro returns back to full duty after conquering his 100% disability rating. Del Toro will also be competing in the 2017 Warrior Games after he was nearly killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan 12 years ago. Del Toro received third-degree burns over 80% of his body.

While in the hospital and in his darkest hour, Del Toro says he was driven to stay alive by the love for his son and wife.

Del Toro also received the Pat Tillman award for his bravery and service. The Pat Tillman Award is named after Patrick Daniel “Pat” Tillman who was a professional American football player in the National Football League. He enlisted in the United States Army in June 2002 in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. Pat died April 22, 2004. Tillman was killed by friendly fire when another allied group mistook them for the enemy.

The 2017 Warrior Games is a huge accomplishment for Del Toro but none as rewarding has having the love of his family by his side he says.

Watch the videos to find out more about Israel Del Toro’s Amazing and Inspiring Story, then let us know what you think in the comments.

Israel Del Toro Participates in The 2017 Warrior Games:

Israel Del Toro Receives The Pat Tillman Award:


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