Peel Back the Layers

Physical exertion is a great tool to work the muscle of the mind. Mental conditioning is the ultimate venue to develop and better your self.

A great method to improve your self both physically and mentally is to visualize your future self. That is to see your self as you want to appear accomplishing your goals and winning. This may be losing 20 lbs, finishing your first triathlon or completing BUD/S training and getting a slot on a SEAL Team. The point is to see yourself completing this task.

The first task in moving towards your future self is to identify what you dont want.  Whether it is to see youself now as 20 lbs overweight or sitting on the couch doing nothing with your life – you have to be honest with yourself and identify exactly what you dont want.

The next step is to begin to peel back the layers of your physical and mental self.  Like an onion you peel back the outer layer of the skin that is not edible to get to the more ripe and consumable inside.  You slowly shed away mentally the things that you dont want or need like the extra portion of food or the diet Coke that is keeping your blood sugar level too high.

This is a simple process and one that takes place around us on a daily basis.  The tide recedes from the beach and takes away debris and sand.  It returns and replenishes the vernal pools with clean seawater to the delight of the creatures that live there.  The snake sheds its outer skin annually as a method of replenishment and to become its new self.

One step further in the self examination process is to write down the things that are holding you back.  Poor nutrition, a hectic schedule, bad workout habits and a lack of mental conditioning skills are all areas to identify.

Continue to push and reach and hit new goals. Tweek your goals and set out to become the new and improved you.

Think about who you want to become.  Do you want to become a balanced person who is strong in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional?

Mike Tyson was a physical beast and could destroy all on comers in the boxing ring.  He lacked mental and emotional maturity and imploded when stardom and fame came his way.

A top college professor may be intellectually superior but the vast majority of them are physically decayed and extremely weak and a heart attack risk sitting behind their desks and pile of books.

Where do you put yourself on a scale? Are you balanced or imbalanced?

How to Get the Mental Edge

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