Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine

Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine

True warriors are unbeatable because they have conditioned their minds to be unbeatable. They learn to control their minds and win internally well before they enter the fight.

This is the first premise of Unbeatable Mind training

This sounds simple but it is not easy. It takes knowledge, skills and practice. The process looks like this:

Step 1 is to gain control of your mind, rather than allow your mind to run amuck. The mind running amuck I call the “monkey mind.” This is the term that Buddhists use to describe the untamed mind. Their goal, like ours, is to train the mind to be unfettered, focused, concentrated and pure. So you need to gain control of the monkey mind, before you can begin to work with it. Similar to roping the horse before you train it!

Unbeatable Mind by Mark Divine

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Step 2 is to charge your mind with positive energy.

Step 3 is to build your unbeatable vision in the fertile soil of your unfettered mind.

Step 4 is to nurture and strengthen your vision through repeated internal visualization practice.

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Step 5 is to take massive action. Of course there are many nuances and skills involved in the details of this process. But that is essentially it.

Control the mind.

Build your vision.

Act on it.

Where do we start if our minds, like most people, are like run-away freight trains?

The answer and the follow-on steps are provided in my new Unbeatable Mind training system, of which the above excerpt is the opening salvo.

I am putting the finishing touches on the new training system and online Academy and will have information for you soon about this ground breaking program.

Click Here for more info and to sign up for the Unbeatable Mind Academy

Train hard, stay safe and have fun! –Mark Divine, SEALFIT founder

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