Unbeatable Mind Academy Review

Unbeatable mind academy reviewDo you wish you had the ability to increase your mental toughness?

Do you seek the confidence to deal with any threat, to steer any situation to a positive outcome?

If so, you can now learn the inner secrets of Navy SEAL Mental Toughness and a Warrior Offensive Mind-set from a veteran teacher of Special Operators (Commander Mark Divine).

Check out the Unbeatable Mind Academy Review and take the steps to build an Unbeatable Mind.

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Mark: As you probably know, you’re running a world-class program – and by far the Best in Brand! I’ve seen what else is out there – there is nothing comparable or close to what you have. Every time I stop by there it gets better. Thanks for the opportunity to speak with your class last week – and looking forward to getting out there again. Most of the guys you’re mentoring there are doing well here in training.
Paul Tharp, Command Master Chief, SEAL Basic Underwater Demolition/ SEAL training

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Unbeatable Mind Academy Review –>
At first I thought that SEALFIT was all about getting into great shape. As we got into your specific training methods it became clear that the mental toughness skills you teach are the crown jewels in your system. That was critical for me because as one of the older warriors (54) you showed me that with specific breathing techniques, thought control process and emotional awareness age is a state of mind. Of course the result of the ongoing training is I’m in my best condition physically but more importantly my mental toughness is at it’s peak and dare I say my spiritual awareness is expanding through the mediation practices you teach. Mark, SEALFIT is the complete warrior way to full wellbeing. Thank you for your mentoring.
Joe Stumpf, ByRefferalOnly.com

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Mark, I am sitting at my desk working on some reports, but all I can think about is the amazing weekend that just took place. WOW! That was truly (in your words) EPIC. You and your team of instructors pulled off an incredible task. The amount of logistical work and preparation that goes into Kokoro must be immense. I really appreciate all of your support and encouragement leading up to the event and during the final stages when I was definitely starting to physically hurt.
I knew you were heavily involved in the martial arts, but I never realized the extent of the depth of your study and knowledge until this weekend. My training in the martial arts and CrossFit, up to this point in my life, has been mainly physical. I am now starting to become much more interested in the spiritual path that all warriors must eventually walk. I thought your lectures on Yoga, the Warrior Spirit and Leadership were outstanding. I would really like to learn more on those topics from you when I am in a slightly more “alert” state of mind!
Greg Amundson, CrossFit HQ and Amundson CrossFit

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Thank you for the amazing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire weekend. The sleep deprivation completely wrecked me, but it was worth the insight and awareness I gained about myself and my abilities. I’ve been involved in team sports my entire life and nothing comes close to what was achieved over that weekend. I’ve never seen a group come together so quickly and never seen so many people step up to a challenge in order to help their teammates. I hope the others gained as much from it as I have. I am a better person, father, husband, athlete and businessman because of it. Thank you,
Tommy Hackenbruck, Rogue Fitness Athlete / UTE CrossFit

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We are in a transitional time in our country where many of the institutions, ideas and ideals no longer provide us the security they once promised. It’s during these challenging times that developing mental toughness is most necessary. We need to learn to find our center, expand our minds, open our hearts and once again create the conditions for our own flourishing. Commander Mark Divine (U.S. Navy SEAL)’s new book “Unbeatable Mind” shows us the way. Do you have to be a Navy SEAL or want to be in the Special Operations community to benefit from his warrior training program? No. All you have to be is a human being who wants to develop the capacity to thrive in the world.”
Michael D. Ostrolenk (Kokoro graduate)

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Hi Mark,
I want to thank you for the experience of SEALFIT a few weeks ago. I learned a lot about myself, my abilities, and my pre-conceived limitations. As time is rolling by, I’m finding value and lessons in the details. Thanks again for providing a testing ground for elite athletes. Because of SEALFIT, I am considering entering a half marathon ….Imagine that…a competitive strongman running 13 miles. Who would have thought?
Rob Orlando, Hybrid Athletics, CrossFit Strongman Certification

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Hi Mark,
First off I’d like to thank Coach Mark and all other contributors to the SEALFIT program for dedicating your time and energy to helping people find, revive or create a part of them once never known, or lost. Personally, I am finding a power inside of myself I had no idea was there and had I not started this program, I still would not know I possess. Before this program, I was a 19 year old high school graduate completely lost in what he wanted to do with his life and going nowhere fast. As the time came to make a decision on what I want to accomplish in life, the idea of the military came up. My father spent 20 years in the Navy, so I thought I would follow in his footsteps and do the same. Little did I know that my heart would lead me in the direction of Special Forces. Once I was in DEP and figured out that this was real, I looked myself in the mirror and had a hard time telling myself that I had what it takes. Then one day, one SEALfitter came into the gym I work at and turned me onto the program, and from then on I have not looked back. Thanks to SEALFIT, I have gone from having hardly any confidence in myself, to knowing that there is not one challenge I can be faced with that, pass or fail, I won’t give everything I have to complete. Everyday I bring myself to higher levels of mental strength that I did not know I had, doing things I thought only professionals were capable of. My mind tells me to quit, and my mind tells me I’m not good enough, yet my heart and soul persevere through and prove it wrong. Had I always possessed this trait? Yes. However, I had no idea that I did and that I was capable of retrieving it until I started this program.
Now I am in the DEP for the Navy and have a ticket to BUD/s, and thanks to Coach Mark and all other coaches and my “teammates” I have it set in my mind that it will be a one-way ticket and for that I cannot thank you enough!
Don Dirkin

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Dear Mark,
I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how glad I am to see you guys at SEALFIT using that kind of exercise prescription for your clients.

I’m glad to see the military community is slowly but surely catching on to the science of physical training.

I’m one of the Strength & Conditioning coaches at the Naval Special Warfare Prep Course in Great Lakes, as well as a CrossFit Instructor, and a former U.S. Marine, so I’m always glad to see programs like yours doing well! Confidential Source

Unbeatable Mind Academy Review –>
I wanted to send a big thank you to all the trainers working on the programming at SEALFIT. Last week I attended “Phase II,” an assessment for officers, and future officers, interested in the Special Tactics career field. This was a physically and mentally demanding week, however, I felt as prepared as I could have been for it thanks to SEALFIT. Your programming served as the base to my training (I tapered ~2 weeks out and began focusing on more running, swimming, and water confidence 3 months out). I was able to make it through each evolution strong and put out when others were just getting by. I was selected at the end of the week and will continue using SEALFIT as a base for my physical training. JA

Unbeatable Mind Academy Review –>
My daughter is an Academy grad and currently stationed in Norfolk but getting ready for a Germany tour. She has spoken with some of her Navy Chiefs and they endorse your operation very highly and even mentioned that some of your candidates fare better in their training after having been to one of your camps. That is certainly an excellent recommendation and thought that you would like to know that your program and its reputation have spread all the way to the east coast.
Linda, SEAL Candidate Mom

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Hello Coach,
I just wanted to drop line that is straight from the heart. Thanks to you I’ve invented a whole new way to do my work. The work I do is very physically demanding, so through your teaching on meditation, breathing, and mental toughness – I’m working at an elite level. My boss says, “I wish I had 5 more like you.” And I think to myself, thanks coach, thanks for your emails, thanks for your truth, thanks for your leadership, thanks for SEALFIT, and most of all thank you for the sacrifice you made. Thank you straight from the heart! Jerry Baird

Unbeatable Mind Academy Review –>
Without getting into great detail I just wanted to say thank you. The training was such an awesome experience. It has been a tremendous catalyst for personal growth and change like no other in my life. What I learned and practiced at the camp has engrained itself in my mind, body and spirit. Yet, it has enabled me to continue to grow and change and it seems that I am growing on a very deep level at an exponential rate. This does not mean there have not been difficulties, valleys and summits or even false summits, but that I understand those and can handle them with grace and understanding. You have given me the fires in which forge my life and for that I thank you. Brian Rosol

Check out questions from our athletes and readers.

Question: Was Unbeatable Mind really started by a Navy SEAL or is this all fiction? Unbeatable Mind was started by Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine.

Question: Is the Unbeatable Mind program worth the money? Yes; the UMA program has received very good reviews and has a growing membership.

Question: Is there an Unbeatable mind Ebook or Epub download? Yes; the program is available online and easy to download and view like an Ebook.

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