SEALFIT Academy Review

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The SEALFIT 3-week Academy is the world’s leading sports academy for the Warrior Athlete, Professional Athlete and Fit Business Leaders. This program is intense, and designed to teach the full spectrum of SEALFIT physical, mental and awareness training.

The academy is ideal for Special Operations candidates and is attended by SOF candidates from around the world. Also college and professional athletes, endurance and extreme athletes seeking to up their game and develop physical, mental, emotional and warrior-spirit the warrior athlete and leader.

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What you can expect: 3 week Academy students should be physically and mentally prepared to work at an uncommon level of output. Please refer to the FAQ and perform the Baseline Test if you are uncertain. If you are a SOF candidate you should should be able to exceed the minimum standards on your selection screening test before coming to this academy. If you are a fit professional, you should conduct functional training (CrossFit or our online coaching program are ideal) for a minimum 6 months before attending. Please feel free to contact us about your physical preparation for this unique program.

SEALFIT Academy Review by Billy Fletcher – Crossfit Alliance and Alliance Jiujitsu in Greenville, SC
One of the best things I did in preparation was to attend the One Week Academy prior to Kokoro. The academy was physically demanding and I was concerned about the physical fatigue going right into Kokoro. The positive of knowledge gained in the Academy far outweighed the negative of the fatigue. Much of what we did in Kokoro we had already been exposed to in the Academy. The coaching during the Academy was excellent. Coach Miller’s coaching on the Olympic lifts was the best I have received. Coach Allen also was extremely helpful especially with helping me with some modifications to work around my hip issues. Coach Jeff was excellent in helping us with Pose running. Of course Coach Divine’s lectures were great and the academy and Kokoro gave us an opportunity to apply what we learned almost immediately. The interns Collin and Eric were also a great help during the academy often training along side us. I remember the first run and as I began to struggle Eric running beside me and encouraging me to focus on controlling my breathing. Focus on controlled breath would become very important during Kokoro. It is one thing to discuss the importance of breath as we did in Coach Divines SEALFIT lectures but having to put it to work gave me an entirely new appreciation of controlled breathing. We also began to learn to work as a team during the academy.

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SEALFIT Academy Training Schedule
Live on site at SEALFIT training center (limited to first 18 enrolled)
Breakfast and Lunch included
Six to seven training sessions a day from 5:30 am until 8pm.
SEALFIT Five Mountain philosophy and Unbeatable Mind classes
Warrior Yoga and Awareness training
SEALFIT Operator WODs – Strength, Stamina and Mental Toughness development
CrossFit clinic and training sessions
Olympic Lifting clinic
Kettle Bell Clinic
Grinder PT clinic and training sessions
Log PT clinic and training sessions
Ocean Confidence and training sessions
Nutrition clinic
Leadership and Elite team training
Offensive Mind set and Combat Conditioning
Gymnastics clinic
Running clinic and training sessions
Ruck clinic and training session
Durability, Mobility, Recovery
Combat Defense “Science of Fighting” class and 5 training sessions
Concentration, Meditation, Breath Control classes
Special Seminars – included in price: 1 day Combat Side Stroke Seminar and 2 day Combat Defense Seminar
Kokoro Camp included!

Check out more info on the SEALFIT Academy @

Questions from athletes in our gym.

Question: What is the SEALFIT baseline? I think you mean the SEALFIT Kokoro baseline test which is:

Run 1 mile
rest 2 minutes
max air squats in 2 minutes
rest 2 minutes
max pushups in 2 minutes
rest 2 minutes
max sit ups in 2 minutes
rest 2 minutes
max pull ups in one bar session
record all scores.

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SEALFIT Academy Review

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