5K Running Tips

Check out these 5k running tips to help you start and finish your best 5k run time ever.

Tip #1: Go to a track and run a 5k distance

If you have to jog or walk—do so.

Put this time into your log.

This will be your baseline score and will show you how much you have improved in the next few weeks.

Tip #2 Get a new pair of running shoes and break them in slowly

Don’t use your old pair of worn out shoes in the back of your closet.

New shoes are easier on your feet and body and also give you a mental boost.

Tip #3: Develop a workout schedule that will allow for other cardio

Work in things like biking and lifting weights/CrossFit

One of the biggest mistakes new runners can make is to only run and not train the body as a whole. Only running will create repetitive use injuries. Mix up your workouts and get stronger.

Tip #4 Don’t overdo it

Don’t run everyday. This is a quick trip to shin splints, foot injuries and burn out.

Tip #5: Eat Healthy

within 30 minutes after your workout to replenish and restore your muscles.

Eat a clean diet of lean meats (tuna, chicken breast, etc.) and fresh vegetables. Avoid an excess of grains and processed foods.

Tip #6: Keep a daily training log with your mileage, all workouts, diet and sleep

You will be able to chart your daily progress and help avoid overtraining and become healthier in general as you are more aware of your body and mind.

Tip #7: Train with a buddy

You will always run faster and have more fun if you train with a friend. Join a local running club or gather up your crew and get a good run in.

Tip #8: Run hills and workout your legs

Find a good local hill and run sprints up and walk back down. Add in box jumps to build fast twitch muscles. Walking lunges and air squats are great for warming up and conditioning the muscles for the long haul.

Tip #9: Set a goal for your next 5k and train towards that date

Have obtainable times for your 1 mile and 2 mile pace and milestone to obtain them by.

Tip #10: Have fun

So much of life is just enjoying the process. If you don’t enjoy the training – then what good is it? Look at the journey as your method to build your mind and body. That is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

Question: Where can I find out more info on running in the U.S?

Answer: Check out the American Running website here

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