Sled Drag Workout Tips

Check out these Sled Drag Workout Tips to help you build strength and increase hip power.

The sled is especially good on recovery days as it is a concentric motion that increases blood flow.

If your looking to increase your work capacity, increase your bodies ability to heal and improve on your squat and deadlift.

You need to get a sled and get out there and start sled dragging.

Check out the sled drag workout tips below.

One of the benefits of sled drag workouts is that there are no eccentric (negative) motion for most of the exercises.

So it is great to use on an active recovery day to increase blood flow and help recover-heal your body.

Plus it is easy to make a sled. All you need is a tire and a rope. Nothing fancy – so “No Excuses”.  Rig up a sled and have at it for a great workout.

DIY build your own Sled tips

  1. Get an old tire (no cost)
  2. Drill or cut a hole for the rope or chain to go through
  3. Secure the chain/rope/cable on the inside
  4. Pour a 20 to 40 lb bag of concrete in the bottom of tire.

The sled can be used a number of ways to include fast sprints and slow grind em’ out pulls.

You can pull with the straps on your ankles just using your legs or up around your hips – or a strap in each hand above your head to blast your core.

A killer exercise is to walk backwards while pulling the sled – this is a hamstring burner.

Tip from Louie Simmons (Westside Barbell): Athletes often ask “How do you know if your using too much weight on the sled”?

According to Louie Simmons at Westside barbell — “If you cant move the sled your using too much”.

To quote Louie Simmons when talking about the recovery aspects of sled workouts he said ” This training is supplemental to your weight training and should complement it.

It is not about trying to kill your self with a lot of weight or long distances.

It is about restoration.”

The athletes at Westside Barbell are known to be some of the most powerful lifters on the planet and use the sled drag after hard squat workouts and on recovery days.

Check out the SGPT Sled Drag Workout


Warmup with simple calisthenics before you start.
30 meter high step jog
30 meter karaoke one way
30 meter karaoke back
10 jumping jacks
10 wind mills
10 air squats
10 walking lunge
10 Swimmers Stretch
1/4 mile jog


Lean forward and drive hard with legs and hips. Start with a light weight and work your way up.


Try to use a comfortable strap for your waist and shoulders. An old seat belt is a good start for a strap.


Hydrate before, during and after a sled drag workout. These workouts can be very strenuous so protect your body.

A question that we got from one of our athletes is “What muscles are worked with the sled drag?”.  You will be working your legs and hips and full body


3 rounds for time

10 burpees

10 35lb. Kettlebell

#45 lb Sled Drag 100 yards

then run back

Video SGPT Reviews Rogue Fitness Sled


You don’t always have to go fast or heavy.

Mix up your workouts for variety.


3 rounds for time

50 meter dash dragging forward

10 burpees

50 meter pulling sled moving backwards

SLED Workout #2

Standing still – pull sled to you with a 25 ft rope

do 5 total laps with sprints in between.

guaranteed to light up your upper body and cardio.

As a backup – I like to pull bobcat tires for a speed workout.

Check out this video of the bobcat tire drag workout.

If your looking to increase your work capacity, increase your bodies abililty to heal and improve on your squat and deadlift – then you need to get a Roque Sled and get out there and start dragging.

Here are a few questions from athletes at our gym.

Question: How much weight should you pull on sled to stimulate growth? As much as you can move.

Question: Coach, why do sled drags improve recovery? Sled drags are great for recovery as it gets your blood pumping but there is no eccentric loading. The increased blood flow helps to cleanse the body and increase recovery.

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