How to Make a DIY Sandbag for Workouts

Check out these tips on how to make a Do It Yourself DIY sandbag that you can use for workouts.

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diy sandbag


Get a bag of sand from a local building supply store ($3 US).  Or if your in a pinch dig up some dirt from your own back yard. If you have any old construction debris with concrete or bricks – add that in also.

My first sand bag I used construction debris (old crushed concrete and bricks and gravel that I found dumped next to the road). No cost $$ at all.


Use a trash bag or the bag that the sand comes in and make it the size you want it. Smaller is better as it does not break as easy.

Add an extra layer if you need to.


Get some duck tape and tape it up. Add an extra plastic bag if you need. Add more duck tape as it is easy to apply.


Put in backpack (ruck) or use it as a stand alone sandbag for workouts.


If it cracks or breaks – add another trash bag and more Duck Tape.

Question: What if I live in the city and don’t have access to sand or dirt – what can I do?

Get some old household items like a broken TV or computer – crush the parts down and put them in a plastic bag and use that.

Find gravel or street rubble and make a bag with that. Get creative.

You need to adapt, overcome and improvise.


Put bag on shoulder
5o walking lunges (each leg)
then run 1/2 mile without bag
25 push press with bag
run 1/2 mile
post time in comments

Question: I dont have the time or energy to build a sandbag. What is a good sand bag that I can just buy and use for workouts?

Check out the The Ultimate Sandbag Power Package.

It has received a ton of great reviews on Amazon and is still priced under $100. It can take a ton of abuse and still keep on delivering without breaking down.


3 rounds for time
10 press over head
10 burpee
broad jump over bag
10 thrusters
400 meter run
Post time in comments

Question: What’s the most optimal bodyweight percentage comparison to fill a sandbag?

Answer: If you are going to put the sandbag in your ruck and hike then use 10% as a weight. Start with that weight and a smaller sandbag as your progress.

Question: My buddies and I want to start a CrossFit gym out of our garage. Do they still allow you to do that? How can I find out more info?

Answer: Check out the CrossFit main website here:

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