How to Make a DIY Sandbag for Workouts

diy sandbagCheck out these tips on how to make a DIY sandbag for workouts.

TIP #1. Get a bag of sand from a local building supply store ($3 US).. or if your in a pinch dig up some dirt from the woods – or construction rubble from the apartment next door.

My first sand bag I used construction debris (old crushed concrete and bricks and dirt that I found dumped next to the road)

TIP #2. Use a trash bag or the bag that the sand comes in and make it the size you want it. Smaller is better as it does not break as easy.

TIP #3. Get some duck tape and tape it up.  Add an extra bag if you need.


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#4. Put in ruck or use it as a stand alone sandbag for workouts.

#5. If it cracks or breaks – add another trash bag and more Duck Tape.

Question: What if I live in the city and don’t have access to dirt – what can I do?

Get some old household items like a broken TV or computer – crush the parts down and put them in a plastic bag and use that.

Find gravel or street rubble and make a bag with that. Get creative.

You need to adapt, overcome and improvise.

Sandbag workout #1
Put bag on shouder
5o walking lunges (each leg)
then run 1/2 mile without bag
25 push press with bag
run 1/2 mile

Question: What is a good sand bag that I can just buy and use for workouts?

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Workout #2
3 rounds
10 press over head
10 burpee broad jump over bag
10 thrusters
400 meter run

Question: My buddies and I want to start a CrossFit gym out of our garage. Do they still allow you to do that? How can I find out more info?

Answer: Check out the CrossFIt main website here:

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QUESTION: Coach, what do you like to add to your workout shakes?

ANSWER: I use Athletic Greens in our shakes. It’s got tons of great nutrition—vitamins and minerals. Plus it mixes up easy in milk or water.