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How to Install a DIY Pull up Bar in Your Garage Gym

Are you looking to build up your body but don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a globo-gym membership? Need to find a way to knock out a quick workout but only have a few dollars to spend? Check out these easy tips to set up your own Do It Yourself DIY pull... Read More
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Monday Mindset: How to Strengthen Your Mind

“How you become a better person—how you gain mental toughness—how you become the person you want to be—is constantly facing the things you don’t want to face.” If you constantly run away from things that you don’t want to face, how is there growth? How is there mental toughness? I can give you a class... Read More
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Are YOU Waiting For YOUR Ship To Come In?

Are you waiting for your ship to come in? Are you standing on the shore, scanning the horizon, hoping that one day, your dreams will sail into your life without any effort on your part? If that’s your strategy, it’s time for a reality check. Success doesn’t come to those who wait; it comes to... Read More
Featured image for “Writing Down Goals vs. Allowing Things to Happen: A Navy SEAL Perspective”

Writing Down Goals vs. Allowing Things to Happen: A Navy SEAL Perspective

Life isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a battlefield where only the disciplined and determined thrive. As Navy SEALs, we’ve lived by this creed, understanding that the difference between success and failure often comes down to one crucial factor: setting clear, written goals. Today, we’re diving into the stark reality of writing down goals versus letting... Read More
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Monday Mindset: Dont Let the Fear Wolf Rule Your Life

Trigger Warning: This article is not for the faint of heart. This session dives deep into confronting your deepest fears and obliterating self-doubt. Inspired by a relentless Navy SEAL mentality, expect no sugarcoating—just raw, unfiltered truth. We will tackle fear head-on, using intense language and hard-hitting tactics designed to break you down and build you... Read More
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SGPT Underground Bunker Members Area

Are you ready to finally reach your goal? Have you struggled in the past and are looking for that extra boost to get you over the top? In order to reach a destination you must have a map. A plan that can take you there. If not – you are just stumbling along and hope... Read More
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How To Know If You’re Overtraining

Overtraining is a curious thing: while we want to push on; we want to become stronger, faster, more agile, and a better all-around athlete, but in order to do that, you must rest and recover. And sometimes, you need to completely power down and rest. The consequence if you don’t? At the very least diminished... Read More
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Forge 45: Transformative SEALgrinder Program

Are you Ready to Unleash Your Inner Warrior? Unlock Your Potential with the Forge 45 program by Dear Future Warrior, Welcome to Forge 45 – a revolutionary 45-day program meticulously crafted to transform you into the best version of yourself. Are you tired of spinning your wheels with mundane workouts that yield minimal results?... Read More
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Optimal Heart Rate for Burning Fat

We get asked alot about “Coach; what is the optimal heart rate to burn fat and lose excess weight?”  We see athletes smashing hard hitting workouts, redlining their heart rates. Pushing their bodies to the limits… But is this the right way to burn fat? Turns out it is not! Here’s the deal. The optimum... Read More
Featured image for “10 Easy Bodyweight Workouts You Can Do Anywhere – Navy SEAL Fitness”

10 Easy Bodyweight Workouts You Can Do Anywhere – Navy SEAL Fitness

Traveling, work, kids or just no time to get to the gym? Is this you? That’s not an excuse. You can workout nearly anywhere anytime. Your hotel room, a park, playground, you living room or you can even make a very basic home gym and get in hard hitting workouts! No equipment needed. Here’s 10... Read More
Featured image for “Stay Healthy During the Holidays – Navy SEAL Mindset”

Stay Healthy During the Holidays – Navy SEAL Mindset

Eating healthy during the holidays can be a challenge, but it’s certainly possible with mindful choices and planning. Here are 10 tips to help you maintain a healthy diet during the festive season: Plan and Prepare: Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time to stay healthy. When you prepare in advance, it’s easier to... Read More
Featured image for “A Navy SEAL Explains Why You Train Your Core”

A Navy SEAL Explains Why You Train Your Core

In functional fitness, there’s a vital but often overlooked powerhouse: your core. It’s not just about basic ab workouts. We’re talking about the muscles that fuel strength, stability, and endurance – the ones in your midsection: abs, lower back, pelvis, and hips. This isn’t just about looks; it’s about building an unshakable foundation for your... Read More
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SEALFIT Black Friday Deals

We talk alot about having a big “gnarley” goal. One that both excites you and one that terrifies you. There is no better way to find positive growth within your own self than to take on a big challenge. This is your chance to learn one on one with a world class coaching staff. I... Read More
Featured image for “A Navy SEALs Guide to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Gear Buying”

A Navy SEALs Guide to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Gear Buying

It’s that time of year, time to get the ideal gift for your family member who likes to train hard daily and works hard to take care of themselves. You may need a stocking stuffer like some coffee or protein powder? Or maybe you are looking for a new backpack and to finish your first... Read More
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