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Are you ready to finally reach your goal?

Have you struggled in the past and are looking for that extra boost to get you over the top?

In order to reach a destination you must have a map. A plan that can take you there.

If not – you are just stumbling along and hope you find your way.

The winds of day to day life can easily blow you off your course and sink you in the sand.

What if I could show you a road map?

A plan to get you where you want to go?

Its time to stop making excuses and go out and do the “work”.

You know exactly what “work” I am talking about.

The “work” is getting back to basics of clean nutrition, a good nights sleep, tough workouts and the relentless dream to conquer all goals that stand in front of you.

It is a simple plan. But not for everyone.


Let me personally show you our SGPT proven method to help you reach your goals.

Not sure if our program works?

Check out 14 years of SGPT athlete interviews and testimonials.


All of these athletes had one thing in common.

They were all Everday Warriors and went out and did the “work”!

The price of the SGPT Underground Bunker Members Area is going up to $29 (US) per month.

Our loyal members who have purchased SGPT workout programs or were Members are eligible for the current price of $19 (US) per month.


Pay by VENMO

Some of our clients like VENMO so that is an additional option.


What Do YOU Get?

#1 Access to SGPT TEAMBUILDR daily workouts emailed to you  – Value $30

You get a daily workout emailed you to every morning at 0500 AM.

#2 Access to private SGPT Facebook group with weekly accountability video  – Value $20

#3 SGPT workout t-shirt/stickers Value $30
We have several SGPT t-shirt designs that only our members can get. You cannot buy these on our website or online. SGPT Members Only!

#4 Access to SGPT Coach 24/7 – Value $$$ Priceless when you reach your goal. You get your questions answered about training and develop a plan to help you reach your next big goal.

It can be finishing your first 5k or climbing a mountain peak. I am here to help you and have the results to prove it.

Check out 14 years of SGPT Athlete Interviews and Testimonials

Here is what SGPT athletes say about our program….

What are you waiting for?

Now is the time to give yourself that 1% boost and find your better self.

Now it’s the time to step up and take what is yours. #finishthedrill

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Are you interested in training for an endurance event like SEALFIT 20X, GORUCK or a Spartan Race?

Do you want to increase your human potential so that you can move faster to your goals?

Do you have a big event on the horizon and you want to finish the drill?

Looking to get out of a rut and push forward to beat yesterday now?

Get individual coaching from SGPT Coach Brad McLeod. Check out coaching here:

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Work 1-on-1
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Personal fitness training from Brad McLeod, Navy Seal and CrossFit Level 1 instructor. Delivered online, directly to you.

"I recommend Brad to anyone that seriously wants to go to BUDs or anything else in life... try these workouts. Hooyah!" - Chris H.

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