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How to Harness the Navy SEAL Mindset

What is the mindset of a Navy SEAL? How can I use it in my day to day life? The mindset of a Navy SEAL is characterized by a combination of mental toughness, resilience, adaptability, discipline, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Here are some key aspects that contribute to the mindset of a Navy... Read More
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One Hour Masterclass with Unbeatable Mind Coach Mark Divine

Are you looking to make a major improvement in your quality of life? Reach your next big goal and help others along the way? In this 60-minute masterclass (no cost to you), you’ll discover… How Nike, Tesla, and Google executives harnessed military-grade leadership techniques to produce elite-level performance and be seen by their teams as... Read More
Featured image for “SGPT Interviews SEALFIT 20X Challenge Finisher Mark Clingen”

SGPT Interviews SEALFIT 20X Challenge Finisher Mark Clingen

To overcome any great obstacle you must train the mind as well as the body. Mark tells us that “The one thing that got me through was repeated my positive mantra of “I love myself, I believe in myself, and I constantly reaffirm my ability to succeed.” Powerful stuff. Check out this SGPT interview with... Read More
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Deload Week: What it means and how to do it

Just got this question the other day. Coach; I am fatigued from several weeks of training. Do I need a “deload week”? A deload week in fitness refers to a planned period of reduced training intensity and volume. It is typically implemented after a period of intense training to provide the body with a chance... Read More
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SGPT Interviews Marathon Man Mike Savage

Love what you hate, says Marathon Mike. “Do one thing a day that you don’t want to do. This hardens the mind and makes tasks you want to do that much better.” What a great way to grow your mind 1% and enable you to knock out a big goal. Check out this interview with... Read More
Featured image for “The Awakening Course July 21, 2023”

The Awakening Course July 21, 2023

The Awakening is about becoming the true you. Uncovering the full potential you hold within. It’s about waking up and becoming the person you are most capable of being…who you are meant to be. Through this crucible event, we push you to and beyond your limits helping you see that you are capable of much... Read More
Featured image for “Top 10 Trail Running Shoes 2023”

Top 10 Trail Running Shoes 2023

Check out the reviews, comparisons and prices for the “Top 10 Trail Running Shoes 2023” according to our SGPT athletes and from our endurance athlete readers from around the world. #10 Salomon XA Pro 3d The Salomon XA Pro 3D is an exceptional trail shoe that sets the bar high for performance and durability. With... Read More

SGPT Interviews Everyday Warrior Mark Allen Smith

Living on the farm you grow up learning values that will stick with you forever. Hard work, perserverance, teamwork – these are all traits that Everyday Warrior Mark Allen Smith learned the hard way growing up in northern Mississippi. Check out Marks journey and he works his farm, builds functional fitness and gives back to... Read More
Featured image for “Natures Way Alive Mens Gummy Multi-Vitamin Review”

Natures Way Alive Mens Gummy Multi-Vitamin Review

I received a sample of Natures Way Alive mens gummy multi-vitamins the other day. Check out the review and comparisons for Alive and make your own conclusion. I have been taking Natures Way products for many decades back into the 1970’s. I purchased some vitamins and fish oil at the local Leon County Food Coop... Read More
Featured image for “Organifi Green Juice Review”

Organifi Green Juice Review

Check out the review and comparison for Organifi green juice and you decide if this product is good enough for your body. We also compare price and taste of several green drinks to give you more info to help your decision. I just picked up a tub of Organifi Green Juice which is a popular... Read More
Featured image for “Land Navigation Course 2023”

Land Navigation Course 2023

Are you ready for anything at anytime? Do you want to learn real world skills that will expand your knowledge on how to get from point A to point B?  Looking for a kick-@ss challenge? This is the course for you. Three days in duration. Classroom instruction will be held near Rome, Georgia and covers... Read More
Featured image for “SGPT Interviews Michel Lavallee GORUCK Star Finisher”

SGPT Interviews Michel Lavallee GORUCK Star Finisher

When you step up to the plate and take on a 50 mile endurance event in Canada you better come with your A game.  Michel Lavalee had a solid plan and had prepared diligently for this very event. As their team struggled during the night several members had to quit. But Michel kept going with... Read More
Featured image for “Question of the Week: How much Walking during an Ultra Running Race?”

Question of the Week: How much Walking during an Ultra Running Race?

QUESTION: Coach Brad; Quick question… How much walking do most folks end up doing in an ultra? Do you go in with a set plan on run / walk or decide on the fly for each one? Is there a strategy for running and walking so that you complete the race? ANSWER: From SGPT Coach... Read More

SGPT Interviews Kokoro Finisher Josh Carter

How often in life do you get to find out your “why”? Former Teacher and Josh Carter digs deep at SEALFIT Kokoro 51 to realize his why and finish the drill. Check out this interview as he prepares and finally conquers the biggest challenge of his life. SGPT: Tell us about yourself? JC: My name... Read More
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