A Navy SEAL Reveals his Top 5 Best Health and Fitness Hacks | Number 3 Will Shock You

A Navy SEAL Reveals his Top 5 Best Health and Fitness Hacks 

We asked a Former Navy SEAL and Fitness Expert their top 5 Health and Fitness Hacks. This guy knows a thing or two about fitness. He’s been training athletes and clients for over 20 years with his scientifically proven programs that get results. No matter your goal: Strength, Endurance, Rapid Weight Loss or Mental Health, Coach Brad gets results!

Navy SEAL’s like Jocko Willink, David Goggins, Mark Divine and Marcus Luttrell all trained this way. Now you can too!


SEAL Grinder PT has taken years of extensive training in the Navy and combined it with their 20+ Years of Coaching Tier 1 Athletes and created a MUST READ top 5 List of all his Health and Fitness Hacks. Let’s get started!

Hack 1: Mindset is Everything!

If you want to get results you need to commit to the goal and NEVER QUIT!

Need help commiting to a goal? SGPT has created a 30 Day Mindset Training DIY eCourse. To learn more about it click HERE!

Hack 2: You need a proper Training Plan.

SGPT and their team knows what type of fitness gets the results you want. Athletic build, endurance and stamina. Powerful Strength. And of course a great looking physique. All of these can easily be obtained in a simple but effective training formula that only takes 30 – 45 minutes a day and doesn’t need a fancy gym or high membership costs.

SGPT Online has created a groundbreaking training program. Every athlete who completes the first month onramp gets amazing results. Losing 10 – 20 pounds. Increasing their 1 Rep Max on Deadlift and Bench. Running a mile in under 10 minutes.

“I just want to take time to thank you SGPT!, I was out of shape, feeling depressed and not wanting to go out and live life. I found your training programs from an ad on Facebook and immediately was sceptical as I had seen so many programs and scams. Once i tried the sample workout, I immediately knew this was the real deal. In 90 Days, I went from sitting on the couch playing video games to completing 2 GORUCK’s and 1 Mud Run. I have way more energy, my friends notice a huge difference in my well being. Most of all I’m happy! Thank you so much, you changed my life!!” 

Steve A. Des Moines Iowa 

To Learn more About this Groundbreaking Program. Click HERE! 

Hack 3: Nutrition and Diet are EVERYTHING! (and you can still eat bacon!!)

One of the biggest aspects of Mental Health and Fitness is your Fuel Intake or Diet. No we don’t mean go on a diet! You are training, you are an athlete! You need to FUEL your BODY!

Just like a Top Fuel Dragster or a Performance Race Car your body needs PREMIUM FUEL to train at an optimum level! This is why we include our 90 Day Fueling Guide FREE!! You need to Fuel and You Need to FUEL RIGHT!

Our meals include: Steak, Chicken, Bacon, Fish, Healthy Salads, Potatoes and all the things you love. They do NOT include processed food, sugary energy drinks or fast junk food. (Secret Hack, you get 1 cheat day a week!)

Hack 4: Make it Habitual and Make it FUN!!

Training with SGPT and their team is FUN!! Why? Because they program intense workouts that keep you on your toes! Like a Navy SEAL in a Firefight you will get PUMPED UP with adrenaline and you won’t even realize you are working out! If it’s not fun DON’T DO IT!!!

Hack 5: 1% Better Every Day That’s All it Takes!

Rome wasn’t built in a day! And taking on a big goal can seem scary and even impossible. This is why the SGPT Team preaches 1% BETTER EVERY DAY! That’s the true secret.

Just focus on BEATING YESTERDAY TODAY! That’s it! Super EASY! If you have made it this far, you are obviously committed to reaching your goal. If so, you need to take advantage of my best training package EVER! My COMPLETE Training Package.

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