A Navy SEALs Guide to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Gear Buying

It’s that time of year, time to get the ideal gift for your family member who’s the ultimate gear head.

Here’s SGPT’s guide to buying the ultimate holiday gifts for the Tactical Athlete in the family!



First rule of thumb: Always LOOK Cool!

Let’s go over some legit training tools that will get the job done.


Gatorz Glasses. Or Eye Pro (eye protection) These multi functional sunglasses accomplish many goals. If you can’t see, you can’t FIGHT! Protecting your eyes from the elements, flying debris, frags and more are key.


We suggest: Magnums for large faced athletes and Wrapters for people with a more slender face.

Here’s a killer Holiday Combo Pack. Gatorz Eye Pro and our Tier 1 Tactical Athlete Training System. Click HERE to learn more. Ordering for the holidays? Order by December 15th to guarantee delivery. We are NOT Amazon. Click HERE!




Next Up. Function and Fashion! 511 Tactical Packs are ideal for business, work and training. You can carry your gear, your weight and your Laptop all at once. Work smarter not harder!

Click HERE to grab the 511 Tactical Rush24 Pack. Click HERE!


Global Positioning System or GPS is the ideal way to navigate through any environment. Hostile or Friendly. To do this you need a system that can take you to the NEXT Level. We suggest the Garmin GPS Watch Instinct.

Want to go full Gucci? Grab the Instinct Tactical Version. This watch sinks up with Apple and Droid Devices and is also a great fitness tool! Get some! Click HERE!!



Lastly, you can’t take souls and be a harvester of sorrow without proper footwear. We suggest 2 brands. Salomon and Lowa. Pick the right pair for your environment. For EDW or Every Day Wear you can’t go wrong with the Trail Runners. Click HERE!



Need more ankle support? Check out the Salomon XA Force Mids. Click HERE!





For Lowa, the Zephyr mids in Coyote or Black. Click HERE!


EDW more your things? Renegade Lows. Low profile and ready for action. Click HERE!



Need a training plan for the Tactical Athlete in your family? SGPT Online has over 30 different plans available for all types of athletes. Tier 1 to Entry Level. Click HERE!




Need more ideas? Click HERE!