SEALFIT Black Friday Deals

We talk alot about having a big “gnarley” goal. One that both excites you and one that terrifies you.

There is no better way to find positive growth within your own self than to take on a big challenge.

This is your chance to learn one on one with a world class coaching staff. I have personally coached at dozens of SEALFIT events for the past 12 years. I know that these events will spark personal growth and push you to take the step forward towards your goals.

I was talking with the crew over at SEALFIT and they wanted to extend this Black Friday deal to all of SGPT Nation.


A physical “crucible” individual and team challenge that will prove you are 20 times more capable than you think you are.

Experience a permanent shift in your perspective and way of life by taking part in the 6-Hour Crucible where our elite SEALFIT coaches – including active and retired Navy SEALs – will push you beyond your perceived limits.

This event is not for everyone.

This Crucible is only for those who are ready to take on intense physical challenges and are ready for real change.

Our Navy SEAL and Special Operations coaches will push your physical limits, build on your strengths and uncover your weaknesses.

This is not a mindless physical “beatdown”. Our SEALFIT coaches will use their years of Special Operations Forces training and experience to give you the tools you need to overcome any obstacle, eradicate fear and tame your mind.

We use tested and proven methods to foster personal growth, elite level teamwork and authentic leadership.

The 6-Hour Crucible is difficult by design yet is attainable for any motivated, physically healthy person.

Check out the SGPT Interview with SEALFIT 20X Challenge Finisher Michael Nealon

Check out the SGPT Interview with 20X Challenge Finisher Mark Clingen


KOKORO™ is considered the most powerful and challenging physical, mental and emotional training available to civilians in the world. Modeled after the U.S. Navy SEAL’s famous Hell Week and integrated with Mark Divine’s world-renowned Unbeatable Mind™ training, KOKORO is the premier training event for forging mental toughness, emotional resiliency, and elite team skills.

The KOKORO Crucible
KOKORO is the ultimate crucible experience.

After you experience KOKORO, you will have a deep understanding of this truth…

There is life before, and then there is life after KOKORO.

During this one-of-a-kind crucible experience, our elite KOKORO coaches – including active and retired Navy SEALs – will train you to overcome any obstacle, tame your mind, and completely eradicate fear.

Building on what you learn and experience from other 20X crucible events, KOKORO is a major milestone in your journey to evolve to your fullest potential as a human being, and to maximize performance – all in, all the time!

You’ll ascend to the summit of Five Mountains of physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and spiritual wholeness with this life-changing event. It will transform every aspect of your being.

Civilian leaders, both men and women, as well as military special operations candidates, train side by side in this crucible. Each trainee is seeking to tap into strength and resolve that is 20X (twenty times) what they had previously thought accessible.

If you are seriously interested in Kokoro check out the SGPT Interview with Glenn Bland as he kicked ass and finished the drill.


February 7-8th, 2024

The first quarterly event of the year focuses on SEALFIT physical and mental training. This is the same physical training used for SEAL and SOF candidates to prepare them for their military service. It is scaled and appropriate for all body types and physical conditions.

2 Days Of Live Training with Mark and SEALFIT Coaches
90 Days – Monthly Group Coaching
Community Membership for 1 year
Limited to 100 People

Navy SEAL Black Friday Deals

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