Top 3 Navy SEAL Approved Holiday Gifts – SEAL Grinder PT

Here’s the top 3 Navy SEAL Approved Holiday Gifts for anyone in your life who likes all things awesome.*




This is a product that has no limitations, it’s always there when you need it (until it’s not). It will pull you out of greasy situations, get you out of a jam, keep you from getting crusty and most of all has 1,000,000 uses.

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If you can’t Duct it… F@&K! It …



This product is a must in everyone’s GO BAG. Even Santa.

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You can never have enough of these. One in your truck, one in your nightstand, one in your kitchen.



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Bonus Gift Suggestion:



Salomon Men’s X Ultra 3 GTX Hiking Boot





*These items are approved by Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod, he does not represent the Navy or United States Navy SEALs. They may use these items but this post is more satire and humor vs an official statement.