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Here’s the top 3 Navy SEAL Approved Holiday Gifts for anyone in your life who likes all things awesome.*

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This is a product that has no limitations, it’s always there when you need it (until it’s not). It will pull you out of greasy situations, get you out of a jam, keep you from getting crusty and most of all has 1,000,000 uses.

Keep your tools lubed and ready for your next mission or repair job. Check out WD-40 @ and learn more about 1000 ways to use this super lube.


When your back home with family and friends all you want to do is chill out and watch a good movie. Lone Survivor is definitetly one of my favorite books and I think the movie did a good job also of explaining the story.

If you want to get motivated just watch this epic story as Marcus Lutrell crawls his way to safety after his whole squad was killed in a mountainside battle. Lone Survivor is a tale for the ages.


You can never have enough of these. One in your truck, one in your nightstand, one in your kitchen.

Having a small flashlight makes everything better. Instead of always fumbling for gear in the back of your truck – just light that spot up and get the job done.

My wife and daughter know that I always am looking for a good tactical light and they picked up the Streamlight for me to check out. Look for an upcoming review as the Streamlight is getting great reviews on


You can never have enough good trail running shoes. Even if you dont trail run you can use them for mountain biking, working out, cruising the streets or kicking ass in a Spartan Race.

I have used the Oboz Sawtooth trail shoes for the past X years and can say that I have been really pleased. I have thrown a ton of abuse at these shoes and have worn them mountain biking, hiking, and climbing on boulders. This shoe can do it all yet stays lightweight and can take the abuse.

Check out the SGPT Oboz Sawtooth Review


If you can’t Duct it… F@&K! It …I have seen duct tape used in about every situation by other Frogmen. It can patch, cover, tape, glue, connect and best of all “stick” to damn near anything.

We called it “riggers tape” back in the day as that was what a Parachute Rigger would use to pack a rubber duck boat to launch from a C-130 airplane. This product is a must in everyone’s GO BAG. Even Santa. There are about a hundred different things you can do with Duck Tape check it out here at


We like staying healthy and Athletic Greens gives you that extra nutrition that your not getting unless you have a personal chef. Or have access to a full garden.


Consider making a donation to help Veterans in need at the Navy SEAL Foundation.

*These items are approved by Former Navy SEAL Brad McLeod, he does not represent the Navy or United States Navy SEALs. They may use these items but this post is more satire and humor vs an official statement.

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