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5 Biggest Mistakes SOF Candidates Make in Running Assessments

By Jeff Grant Over the years, I’ve coached SOF and LEO candidates in many countries, as well as civilian athletes for military-themed events, such as GORUCK & SEALFIT Kokoro. I thrive on working with this type of athlete, especially the one who is on the fence with respect to the standards and has to put... Read More

Convict Conditioning Interview with Coach Paul Wade

The Edmonton SUN newspaper interviewed Coach Paul Wade, Author of The Convict Conditioning Workout.  Paul’s book is a legend in the circle of hardcore workout fanatics.  Read the interview below to learn how and why Paul Wade became so obsessed with bodyweight training and got strong as hell in one of the deadliest prisons known to man.... Read More
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Interview with BUDS Dropout Charlie Golf

SGPT: Tell us about yourself: CG: I am 26 years old and live in a small town with just farms and coal mines. I got out of there right after high school . First one in family to finish college and wanted more. I played sports all through high school, football, basketball, and track . I played college... Read More
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How to Train Hip Flexors and Abs

Hip Flexors vs. Abs One of the most common challenges we see in our population today is hip flexor dominance. The cause of this can be from a corrupted movement pattern or from simply being sedentary. If you’re not up and actively moving around for 8-10 hours a day, then you’re sedentary. Most of us... Read More
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Top 10 Tactical Stocking Stuffers

Check out the Top 10 Tactical stocking stuffer list from SGPT. What is on your list? Post up in comments at the bottom of this article. Each week we will pick the best list and send you something cool from that list. Happy Holidays [email protected] #10 MECHANIX GLOVES These are my go-to gloves for shooting,... Read More

We try the SuperGreen Tonik supplement and here is our review

I have been using Athletic Greens for years now but try to stay open minded when it comes to making good choices to improve your health. So when I got a chance to taste and review SuperGreen Tonik – I figured I had nothing to lose and to potentially find another brand I may like.... Read More
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Can you pass the new Army combat fitness test?

New plans are underway for the U.S. Army as it replaces a decades old fitness test. In order to prepare it soldiers for modern warfare is planning to replace its antiquated fitness exam with a more rigorous model. The old test—two minutes of situps, two minutes of pushups, and a 2-mile run—has been standard for... Read More
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What can we learn from Cliff Young?

In 1983, Cliff Young started a 543 mile running race across Australia from Sydney to Melbourne. It is one of the most grueling ultra marathons in the world. He had never ran a race that far. He had never raced. He was 61 years young competing against 20 and 30 year old athletes. He was... Read More
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Herschel Walker’s Workout

Herschel Walker is one of the greatest American football players to every walk on a playing field. Herschel’s infamous workouts are legendary also. Since his days as a Heisman Trophy winner and National Champion at The University of Georgia – he has gone on to win at every level at every sport he has ever... Read More
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Honey Badger Pre Workout Coupon Code

Check out the Honey Badger coupon codes for pre-workout and whey protein. The Honey Badger fends off deadly venomous snakes, predators twice its size and endures hundreds of bee stings, stopping at nothing to snack on its favorite foods. Relentless! I picked up a sample of this product at a CrossFit competition in Atlanta and... Read More
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4 Push-Up Variations to Strengthen Your Kinetic Chain

By Brandon Richey I think we all can agree the almighty push-up is a solid go-to for developing foundational strength. Despite the thought that the push-up is primarily an upper body movement there is a lot more of your musculoskeletal system involved in order to pull this movement off. Your body’s muscles are connected to... Read More
Featured image for “First Female Sailor Completes Navy Special Warfare Training for SWCC”

First Female Sailor Completes Navy Special Warfare Training for SWCC

WASHINGTON (AP) — For the first time, a female sailor has successfully completed the grueling 37-week training course to become a Naval Special Warfare combatant-craft crewman — the boat operators who transport Navy SEALs and conduct their own classified missions at sea. Navy officials said they would not identify the woman or provide more details on her — a... Read More
Featured image for “Instagram Influencer TravisRaids pretends to be SF / Green Beret for Years over 40k Followers”

Instagram Influencer TravisRaids pretends to be SF / Green Beret for Years over 40k Followers

News broke mid week that a well known Instagram Influencer / Tacticool guy Anthony Travis Nielson AKA: TravisRaids lied about being in SF and being a Green Beret. Watch the YouTube Video Here from the Guardians of the Green Berets: Guardians of the Green Berets first posted on Instagram that a well known Social Media... Read More

SEAL Multi Vitamin Review

A few months back I met the founder of SEAL Multi – Jeremy DeBie, at an event at SEALFIT in Encinitas, California.  Jeremy is an impressive guy and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to taking care of your body. I jumped at the chance to try his SEAL Multi Vitamins and provide a... Read More
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