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SGPT Interviews Mario Bohm BMK Race Finisher

No matter your age or occupation we all have it in us to rise up and do something special. It will require hard work and sacrifice. Discipline and focus. In the end you know that you stepped up to the challenge and were able to finish the drill. Check out this interview with Mario Bohm... Read More

SGPT Athlete Ivan Schultz summits Longs Peak (14er)

I have been asked before “What are you proud of in your fitness business?”. It is an easy answer when you have athletes like Ivan Schultz in Team SGPT. Ivan has overcome great disabilities that would have put anyone in a wheel chair. But Ivan had something deep down inside that said “Nope” – I... Read More
Featured image for “Top 10 Military Bodyweight Workouts”

Top 10 Military Bodyweight Workouts

We get asked all the time for a list of military bodyweight workouts from my days in the Navy and training with other Special Forces units. Several of us were talking after a workout at the gym and we started to come up with a quick list to get you going. And guess what? You... Read More
Featured image for “RevBalance Core 32 Balance Board Review”

RevBalance Core 32 Balance Board Review

Check out the RevBalance Core 32 balance board review and see how it can help improve your workouts and life. I had been looking to improve my balance game. My mother has Parkinsons disease which effects your balance and walking. Helping her every day has made me very aware of balance and the need to... Read More

SGPT interviews Sinister 7 Ultra finisher Steve Lamontagne

Sometimes things dont work out as you planned. We fail to reach our objective. But we learn lessons that we can apply to our next big goal. Steve shows us first hand how he changed his training program and achieves success on his recent tough Ultra race in the mountains of Canada. Check out this... Read More

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder Review

Check out the Vital Proteins collagen peptides powder review and you decide if this product is good for your nutritional health. WHY is Collagen Protein Important? Collagen protein is important to gut health because it helps to strengthen the intestinal lining and supports the growth and maintenance of beneficial gut bacteria. The intestinal lining is... Read More
Featured image for “Be The Exception Event”

Be The Exception Event

Be The Exception is a 10 hour Mental and Physical Training Event that will forever alter your expectations of what you are capable of. You will be pushed to your perceived limits and then you will discover how much more you are truly able to achieve. You will never look at challenges and obstacles in... Read More
Featured image for “Tips to Prevent Rhabdomyolysis”

Tips to Prevent Rhabdomyolysis

Rhabdo. That affliction that is the nightmare of athletes who are stricken.  This condition can strike quickly and with little warning. In recent years there has been an uptick in conditioned athletes that are susceptible to this issue. This disease is relatively rare and tends to be found in endurance athletes. Other high risk groups... Read More
Featured image for “Top Gun Workout Tips – Beach Body – According to a Former Navy Pilot”

Top Gun Workout Tips – Beach Body – According to a Former Navy Pilot

Top Gun Workout Tips – Beach Body – According to a Former Navy Pilot It’s no secret that Navy Aviators are some of the fittest and most mentally tough around. If you want to get as ripped and fit as these guys and gals, you need to put in the WORK! We reached out to... Read More
Featured image for “Navy SEAL Gives Functional Fitness Training Tips to Beat the Summer Heat”

Navy SEAL Gives Functional Fitness Training Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Check out these questions from our athletes on “How to workout during hot weather” and tips to keep your body cool. From Daniel T: Coach, how do I beat the heat? I grew up in Northern MN and function optimally in the cold. For context I’ve done polar swims in the Mississippi during winter and... Read More

Spartan 7 Ultimate Shooting Adventure

Spartan 7 Ultimate Shooting Adventure July 14-17 Hagerman, Idaho Guest Speaker: Medal of Honor awardee Major Brian Chontosh Learn high level shooting and team work skills in the wide open spaces of rural Hagerman, Idaho. Spartan 7 specializes in extremely high end functional training and experiences. This is not a weekend warrior event. If you... Read More
Featured image for “SGPT Interviews GORUCK Finisher Alex Devenyi”

SGPT Interviews GORUCK Finisher Alex Devenyi

Don’t come into it with a mindset of “just survive”. I always try to train to be the best teammate I can possibly be. Words of wisdom from our guest today as SEALgrinderPT sits down for an interview with SEALFIT 20X finisher Alex Devenyi.  He is combat Veteran and serves his community as a police... Read More

Believe in Yourself and Have Confidence in your Work

In order to move forward in life you have to believe in yourself. You must have confidence in what you are doing. If you dont have that confidence in your ability to perform then you will not perform at the highest level. Having confidence and believing in yourself is an essential aspect of living a... Read More

SGPT Interviews SEALFIT 20X Finisher Mark Clingen

When you write down your goal and do hard work – you are able to achieve big goals. SEALgrinderPT sits down for an interview with SEALFIT 20X finisher Mark Clingen. This article is jam packed with tips and advice on how Mark prepared for this big event and in the end conquered it by finishing... Read More
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