Don Shipley and Navy SEAL Teammate take on Stolen Valor Claims

Stolen Valor. Two Legit Navy SEALs STRIP a Fake Navy SEAL in an EPIC confrontation. Phony Navy SEAL.

What happens next is your best guess.

This phoney had two tridents on his hat and one on his jacket. He says that he is from Team 3 and trained Chris Kyle. He claims that his nickname is “The Fixer” and he currently is training BUDS candidates in Escape and Evasion (E and E) out at the island. He doesnt realize it but he runs into two Real Life SEALs who film this guy and bust him.

He then gets busted straight up as the Team Guys know that there is no Escape and Evasion training at an island called “Noronado”.  They tell him to take off his trident and that he is a lying sack of shit.

They inform this clown that Stolen Valor is a felony and to take everything off and stop pretending to be something that he is not.

From a Veteran: On behalf of all decent people in this country I want to thank you, and everyone else that has or is currently serving our country. I would also like to apologize for all those assholes who think that it is okay to pose as a veteran, those type of people are scum! And the real veterans out there should not have to deal with this.

Scott T comments on this video about having integrity.
As a security guard I have been asked many times what branch did you serve. And Not once have I answered with a lie. I never served at all, I wanted too but wasn’t responsible enough when I was young enough. I have the utmost respect for the people who do serve. And because of that would never dishonor any branch by lying and say I did. Thank you to everyone who has put there own lives on the line for there country. Bless you all.

From Jstone
As a retired Command Master Chief, I had the privilege of training with a Master Chief SEAL at the Senior Enlisted Academy in 2004. He was mellow, soft-spoken and never talked about ops, even to fellow shipmates. I realized how bad ass he was when I discovered that he would go out and run 6 miles every morning BEFORE joining the rest of the group for our 3 mile run. He was always at the top of every contest, mental and physical, but never spoke of it or acknowledged it. The man commanded respect and never had to seek it out. You would like him Don!


Stolen valor disrespects the sacrifices and achievements of those who have genuinely served in the military and earned their accolades. Military service often involves significant personal risk, hardship, and selfless dedication to duty. Falsely claiming military honors diminishes the value and significance of those who have legitimately earned them.

Questions from SGPT Athletes:

Question: What type of boots were the Navy SEAL operators from Team Six wearing during the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden?

Answer: The word is that the Devgru guys use the Vasque Juxt Multisport Shoe which is more like an climbing approach/trail running shoe.

They added a gaiter to cover the top of the shoes and cover the bottom of their pants leg.

These trail shoes are light weight and perfect for moving quickly in and around obstacles and varied terrain.

Don Shipley Bust Phoney Navy SEAL Clubber Lang

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