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Regular Athlete Tackles Navy SEAL Fitness – Interview with SGPT athlete John Abbott

Navy SEAL Inspired Fitness Programs can be for any level of athlete. Not just for the world’s most Elite Special Forces Operators. John Abbott found SGPT’s Training System in November of 2020. He jumped on our LTS On Ramp Training plan and got to WORK! At 42 years of age, he found himself on the... Read More
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SEAL Team 6 Rescues American Hostage in West Africa – Breaking News

  “U.S. forces conducted a hostage rescue operation during the early hours of 31 October in Northern Nigeria to recover an American citizen held hostage by a group of armed men,” said Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman in a media release. “This American citizen is safe and is now in the care of the U.S. Department... Read More

NAAWK Full Spectrum CBD review

I received a box of CBD products from NAAWK last month and have been using the product since then. The first product I used was the NK Full Spectrum CBD which is unflavored. This is a hemp extract oil that has 50 MG per serving. I learned about NAAWK CBD products from a Frogman friend... Read More

SGPT Interviews Navy SEAL/Contractor and Frog Fuel owner Jeff Byers

Former Navy SEAL Jeff Byers attended BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) at an early age. At 19, he found himself having two deployments with SEAL Team One for 5 years, from 1996 to 2001. “It was some of the best memories I’ve ever had. The best friends I’ve ever had,” he said. “The best experiences I’ve... Read More
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How To Know If You’re Overtraining

Overtraining is a curious thing: while we want to push on; we want to become stronger, faster, more agile, and a better all-around athlete, but in order to do that, you must rest and recover. And sometimes, you need to completely power down and rest. The consequence if you don’t? At the very least diminished... Read More

5 Mistakes Tactical Athletes are making

5 mistakes tactical athletes are making when starting out training. 1. Wrong Program I made this mistake when I went through Navy SEAL training BUDS the first time. I trained in a old school bodybuilding gym and had not run more than 3 miles before training. I learned the hard way as I got crushed... Read More

How do I figure out how much weight to use when starting out?

This is a common question we get from athletes who are starting out and trying to figure out how to make gains in the garage gym. Hey! I want to be able to do the below workout as prescribed in 25-30 mins like you listed below after 5 months of the SGPT365 workout series. What... Read More
Featured image for “TNGA 2020 – Confessions from a backwoods Florida rider”

TNGA 2020 – Confessions from a backwoods Florida rider

“COVID 2020” has been challenging in so many ways. My heart goes out to those who have passed away during this pandemic and a prayer of strength to those in harms way. A part of me asked “should I ride while others are in crisis?” or “should I move forward in a time of need... Read More

SGPT Interviews Navy SEAL Chriss Smith Jr.

Chriss Smith Jr., now 53 years old, was already 29 years old when he first joined the Navy. Growing up, his father brought his family all over the country as part of being in the US Air Force for 26 years. Born and raised in Kansas, he got his first job working at Mcdonald’s. It... Read More
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Controlling the Chaos – Information Diet – SGPT Online

Controlling Chaos: Information Diet With today’s 24 news cycle we are bombarded daily on TV and the internet with too much bad news and information. Ask yourself the question – does it affect me directly? Can I make a direct impact? Tim Ferris popularized this idea and uses this template for the Info Diet No... Read More

First Woman to become Green Beret

On Thursday, July 9, 2020 a woman soldier became the first female Green Beret according to the US Army Special Operations Command. The National Guard soldier (her name is being withheld due to mission security concerns for special operations troops), graduated from Army Special Forces training, received her Special Forces Tab, and donned her Green... Read More
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Stan Browney breaks pushup record – again!

Recently Youtube fitness star Stan Browney set the world record for the most pushups in 30 seconds (47 pushups) in April 2020. In the spirit of competition he challenged his viewers to beat him – and one of them stepped up to challenge and did 50 pushups in 30 seconds. This guy’s name is “Igor”... Read More
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Seattle security guard who disarmed two rioters speaks out

“He froze like a deer in headlights…”   During the Seattle Riots on May 30th, a Local News Crew’s contracted security was able to disarm two rioters who stole  loaded AR’s from 2 Police Cruisers in Downtown Seattle. Listen in as he talks with Garand Thumb about the situation, how it escalated and what action... Read More

Hunter McIntyre breaks Murph workout challenge over Memorial weekend

Over this past weekend – elite athlete Hunter McIntyre broke the world record for the Murph Challenge workout. This workout is performed world wide to honor those that have served this great country in times of need. The Murph Challenge is a CrossFit workout consisting of a mile-long run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air... Read More
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