RevBalance Core 32 Balance Board Review

Check out the RevBalance Core 32 balance board review and see how it can help improve your workouts and life. I had been looking to improve my balance game. My mother has Parkinsons disease which effects your balance and walking. Helping her every day has made me very aware of balance and the need to stay strong as I get older.

I made a crude balance board with an old recycled
skateboard deck and a four inch PVC pipe that I salvaged from a construction trash pile. It was pretty sketchy and more than once I took a spill on to the hard @ss concrete of my garage.

The question is why use a balance board? Or better – how can you benefit from using one?

A balance board can be used to improve your coordination. Others may use it to improve their posture. The unstable platform of a balance board challenges the body and brain to correct and can bring intensity to any workout.

As an endurance athlete you are constantly using your balance to keep you upright on a technical trail run or bike ride. The longer the duration of the event – the more your fine motor skills degrade. Better balance means getting to the finish line with less bumps and bruises and overall fatigue.

I started looking online and was amazed at all of the balance boards out on the market. Lots of different shapes and designs and athletes doing rad tricks on them. I had to pull the trigger and pick up one for the garage gym. I knew that if I could get my hands on a new deck that my skills would improve. RevBalance comes to the rescue with its state of the art design balance board. I know – your thinking how can a balance board give you an extra edge?


The Core 32 is all about helping improve your balance (no kidding), board control, and your style. When you can’t make it out and ride your board of choice, the Core 32 will always be there for the challenge.

What makes the Core 32 different is that RevBalance has designed an innovative roll control. Other boards do not have this. What this means is that the roller is weighted. You have great smooth control when you are on the roll – and it stays in place when you perform a trick.

This is a game changer as the old method the roller would move and you had a tough time landing the trick. Consistent movement means you stay on the board longer and can have more good movement (less missed tricks).

I have had the RevBalance Core 32 board since July 2022 and used it on concrete in my garage. So far the RevBalance Core 32 has held up great despite hot Florida sun and lots of rain. I just brush it off and jump back on. We will give another review at 6 months and at a year.

What I like about this set up is that RevBalance took the time to design a board that will really help you improve. The subtle details of the weighted roller along with the design of the board make for an awesome learning tool. This is not an old skateboard with a PVC pipe roller – this is a better method to improve your balance without cracking your head.

RevBalance is based out of North Carolina and all products are built in the USA.

One of the workouts that I do is to warmup on the board and then add in kettlebells and barbell work. By starting off with balance work my body and mind are activated and ready to fire. I also use the balance board when I am working at home. After writing on my laptop I try to get outside and use the board as a method to break up the monotony of office work.

If you like you can check out my workouts on Strava as I occasionally post a workout progression with the board.

Stay tuned for our six month review (December 2022) to let you know how its going.

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