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Should you go back to your gym post Covid Peak? A Navy SEAL Answers

Should you go back to your gym post Covid Peak? A Navy SEAL Answers     Got a great question from an athlete the other day about returning to their gym now that states are starting to open up businesses.   Here’s my opinion on this as a former gym owner and now someone who... Read More
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World Record Deadlift! The Mountain from Game of Thrones sets new record!

World Record Deadlift! The Mountain from Game of Thrones sets new record!   Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, “The Mountain “from “Game of Thrones,” sets a new world record by deadlifting 1,104 pounds/501 kilograms. Core to extremity! That’s how functional strength is gained! Remember, skinny is pretty but it’s not functional. You need fuel and energy to... Read More

New Marine Corps Boot Camp Recruits Go Through Hell

New Marine Corps Boot camp recruits go through Hell as they check in as civilians. Watch them get their worlds rocked from shaving their heads to making them wear claustrophobic gas mask and scream “aye, aye sir.” From rope climbs, pugil stick fighting, to massive amounts of running and pushups and mud.   RECRUIT WORKOUT... Read More
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How a Navy SEAL stays Positive While Deployed in a Remote Area

With 80% of the country and all the troops around the world staying at home, I reached out to some fellow SEALs and we shared some of the things we did to stay positive when stuck in bad places. 1st. is the most obvious. We trained. Went through fundamentals, did drills, of course did workouts... Read More

Fitness Equipment deals during the pandemic

Check out these deals on hard to get fitness equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic FRINGESPORT     Check out Best Selling Fringesport equipment. Kettlebells, Slam balls, wall balls, jump ropes, metal barbell plates Barbells and bumper plates. All orders are running slow now with the pandemic.   VULCAN STRENGTH Orders are estimated to ship within... Read More

3VGear Velox II Tactical Backpack Review

If you are looking for an inexpensive backpack that is versatile for both you ruck hiking or just carrying your laptop to the local coffee shop – this is the pack that you want now. Velox is Latin means “swift” which is what I use this pack for. When I am traveling quickly to the... Read More

Coronavirus – Are we panic buying?

We are no strangers to catastrophic events here in Florida. Every summer some part of the state prepares to get hammered by the next incoming hurricane. We dodged two hurricanes (Michael 2018 and Hermine 2016 ) and have seen the grocery stores been bought out. I just got back from my local grocery store here... Read More

SGPT Interviews Cold Water & Ultramarathon Swimmer Ned Hastings

NAME: Ned Hastings PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND: U.S. Coast Guard Veteran High School Substitute Science Teacher & Biological Science Technician for the Army Corps of Engineers PHYSICAL CHALLENGE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Swam 23.6 Miles in Priest Lake Idaho, for 14 hours and 24 Minutes Accomplished white water Kayaker Climbed the highest mountains in the continental U.S. – Mt. Whitney,... Read More
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Preparing for the Corona Virus – How a Navy SEAL Gets Ready – Self Quarantine?

How to Prepare for possible 14 – 28 day self Quarantine from the Corona Virus COVID-19     As the Corona COVID-19 spreads across the country and the world, here’s how former Navy SEAL and Wellness Expert Coach Brad McLeod is preparing for the Virus.   First step i’m taking is not panicking, that’s the... Read More

SGPT interviews GORUCK Selection candidate Scott Harlow

SGPT: Tell us about yourself? Scott Harlow: Thank you for the interview invite. I am a 54 yr old fitness coach/Actor, residing in Victoria and Vancouver B.C. I love west coast life and the opportunity it affords to train outdoors year round. SGPT: Did you have an athletic background growing up? SH: I played hockey,... Read More


EVENTS 2020 SEALFIT Kokoro 56/20XL/20X(6 & 12hour) March 20th -March 22nd March 19-22 – Race Car Driving Phoenix, AZ or Off Road Racing Las Vegas, NV. May 14-17. Close Quarters Battle San Diego, CA. July 16-19 Shaws Shooting Academy, Hagerman, ID. SEALFIT Kokoro 57/20XL/20X(6 & 12hour) July 17th-July 19th Baycrest (Toronto, Canada) Private August 6th-7th... Read More
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SEALgrinderPT warmup

Before any workout we want to warmup up our body to avoid injury. The warmup should take about 10 minutes and prepare your body for the main workout. Warmup #1 10 four count jumping jacks 50 meters jog forward 50 meters backward 10 four count windmills 50 meter karaoke 20 four count mountain climbers 50... Read More
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Top Gun 2 – Trailer Number 2 – June 2020 – Tom Cruise

Watch the NEW trailer for Top Gun 2: Maverick starring Tom Cruise – In theaters June 26, 2020.     Want to Train like Navy Pilot? SEAL? Special Forces Operator? is the worlds best selling Tactical Fitness Programs for Functional Athletes.   Click HERE to Learn MORE! After more than thirty years of service... Read More

Bates 3400 hiker boot review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Bates 3400 hiker boot and you decide if it is good for your field use. I have several pairs of boots to include Lowa, Danner and Rocky. I picked up a pair of these as they looked like a good boot especially at the price (under $125).... Read More
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