We try the SuperGreen Tonik supplement and here is our review

I have been using Athletic Greens for years now but try to stay open minded when it comes to making good choices to improve your health.

So when I got a chance to taste and review SuperGreen Tonik – I figured I had nothing to lose and to potentially find another brand I may like.

For me the number one thing is taste. It can be the healthiest drink in the world but if it doesnt taste good – you will eventually lose interest and look for another healthy alternative.

SuperGreen Tonik taste surprisingly good out of the box. It has a mint flavor that adds just enough sweet to make it pleasing.

This product is described as “The Ultimate Fuel to support your body and mind”. I am definitely interested in learning about that.

It promotes healthy brain function, immune function support and healthy stress response. It uses green superfoods, anti-oxidants and micro-nutrients to get this done.

SuperGreen Tonik has full disclosure labeling and no proprietary blends.

I am currently using this product to sip on while I perform a workout here in the backyard.

Last week I performed a 30 mile bike ride and drank a cup before the workout and another cup after. Easy to digest and good fuel for the road and post workout recovery.

My daughter has chronic pancreatitis and she has to be very careful about what she eats. She has tried it and also likes it with no problems drinking or digesting.

I noticed that one of the ingredients is pepper, which is a great anti-inflammatory. I am currently purchasing $3 (US) Cayenne pepper drinks at the local supermarket. Now that I have the pepper in this product I will not have to continue with the more expensive pepper.

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