Top 10 Superfood Green Drinks

Check out the reviews and videos for the Top 10 Superfood Green Drinks and you make the decision what is best for your health.

We have narrowed down this list to those not containing protein

If you are like me – you don’t get enough greens in your day to day diet. Yes; we try to eat a good salad a few times a week but many days we are missing out.

I’ve been experimenting with probably 8-10 different kinds of superfood green mixes. Seeing which one is the best. Some give you jitters, some upset your stomach, some have a lot of added junk.

Out of all the ones that I have personally tried, this one has to be the best I’ve ever had. I tried a different superfood mix after this one – and went straight back to Unbeatable Greens. I’ve been using it for a couple months now and I have to admit, it does truly make a difference in my day. They taste is by far superior to others I’ve tried as well.

The Nested Naturals Super Greens mixes well and isn’t very “sandy” or “grainy” when you shake it up. The taste is spot on and delicious. It’s a great, great product in my opinion and I will be buying it again and again from now on.

The DRINK YOUR GREENS Superfood Mix with Gogi, Acai, and Raspberry is a natural way to ingest the most nutrient dense green superfoods. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants to provide energy, detoxification, immunity, probiotics and prebiotics to the body. This superfood blend has all natural ingredients that are gluten free and vegan.

The 9.5oz canister has 30 servings. Just one scoop of the DRINK YOUR GREENS mixed into 8oz of liquid three times a day is all it takes. There is even a tiny scoop inside for easy measuring. I have tried it in smoothies, juices, water, and even oatmeal. The berry flavored powder always mixes up easily and always tastes great!

There are no stimulants and all energy is natural. That means no crash, jitters, or drop in blood sugars. This is an effective product for a mild detox. It gets results that are subtle, but not harsh. I have been feeling better each day. The bloat and gas are disappearing! Plain and simple it is just raw nutrition in each 8oz glass! I am very happy with this product from Natures healthy Body.

Great taste! The Barleans Superfruit Greens are a bit short. It’s like getting a bag of chips and it’s not filled to the top. Fill them up and just charge a bit more.
10% off with coupon. Delicious all-natural strawberry-kiwi flavor.
More than 60 super foods and supplements. Dairy and soy-free.

Organically grown and harvested at the peak of freshness, Barlean’s Greens are an energizing source of raw, vegetarian superfoods designed to invigorate and nourish both your mind and body. Masterfully formulated with nature’s most vitalizing plant-based ingredients, Barlean’s Greens are bursting with powerful phytonutrients Antioxidants, Pre & Probiotics Trace Minerals.

This is Nature’s Perfect Superfood to cleanse, alkalinize and anergize. Barlene’s Greens are an Organic, Great Tasting, premium superfood created to support gentle cleansing of vital organs and body tissues which will Super-Boost your health and Energy. Help improve digestion and aid the body’s natural detoxification. Promote a healthy immune system and help achieve your recommended daily dose of vegetables. A New Standard In Quality And Purity: Every organic, whole food ingredient in Barlean’s Greens is carefully selected, responsibly grown and third party tested to guarantee the absolute highest quality and purity including conformity to California’s stringent Prop 65.

I absolutely love these super food mixes for my smoothies, the recipe book is a must though. They have created incredible tasting smoothies for me to make for myself and my kids. I have tried many products in the past costing me hundreds of dollars a month, that do not deliver the certifications on their products like this company does.

Health is so important these days, after researching all the best ingredients I would want to have in my daily consumption for peak nutrition, I choose to purchase the Garden of Life Superfood hands down. It saves me time and money. Two of my favorite recipes are chocolate covered cherry smoothie, and salted chocolate caramel. Really hard to just pick two!! I tell all my friends who see nutrition a priority to check this product out!

This is one of the best green supplements that I have ever tried. I am 60 years old and have spent alot of time out in the Arizona desert so my face is wrinkled and dry.

After using the Organifi Green Juice powder supplement I could tell a big difference in my complexion as my skin looked a lot more vibrant and elastic. I like the taste and take it with me on road trips.

Special ingredients are Ashwagandha, Wheatgrass, Turmeric, Moringa, Chlorella. Spirulina, Beet, Coconut Water, Acacia Fiber, Matcha Green Tea, Lemon, and Monk Fruit.

I have tried dozens of green drinks from Whole foods juice to Moon Juice. I found the AMRAP Nutritino product online and ordered a tub ($81 US). I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and it has a great ingredients list.

I would recommend this product for anyone looking to improve their health.

I love this stuff! It is a very clean and pure product and it’s an excellent way to up your daily intake of nutrients and antioxidants. I drink a smoothie every morning after my yoga practice and I purchased this to replace fresh greens in my smoothie.

I hate adding spinach and kale to smoothies because every time I add a sufficient amount, I am always able to taste it in the smoothie, no matter how hard I try to cover it up with other things. The Amazing Grass is completely undetectable in my smoothies, which is just what I was looking for. I can save my fresh greens for salads now instead of putting them in my smoothie and having to choke it down with my nose plugged. I used to hate drinking smoothies but now I look forward to my smoothie every day!

I received this supplement last month and was immediately drawn to try it out and see what it offered. It comes in two flavors – vanilla chai and chocolate.

Lyfefuel Daily Essentials Shake is loaded with super greens along with probiotics and anti-oxidants. It has no soy, artificial flavors, no dairy and is vegan and no GMO.

I like the taste if I add it to low fat milk and add a few ice cubes. I was not big on the taste when I just added water. I tried it in my coffee and did not like that much. But adding it to milk is a definite good taste.

This is a plant based protein from a blend of organic sprouted  brown rice and yellow pea protein. It has 14 different greens including spirulina, kale, kelp, chlorella and more. These powerful superfoods give you 50% of the daily value of essential vitamins and minerals.

I have been working out and trying to live a healthy lifestyle for the past few years. I have mixed up and drank a lot of green superfood over the years, and honestly, they taste like grass. Unless they put a lot of added sugar in. FINALLY, this product is different. It actually tastes good. I don’t have to add it into a protein shake to get it down without wincing.

JOCKO GREENS found the right balance between the greens and the fruit components (which are also good for you!) to make a pleasing tastes. I still have a container of my previous (grass tasting) product, so I’m mixing a scoop of each and it’s still great tasting! Thank you all!

I received the Supergreen Tonik and right out of the box I was surprised. Most green drinks taste like your chewing on grass.

Supergreen has a winner with its minty taste.

Lets be honest here – if you dont like the way it taste you will eventually not want to drink it and look for another choice.

I would rather drink Kombucha than drink a bad tasting green drink.

Supergreen Tonik taste great and is my new go to green supplement to help me stay healthy. Check out Supergreens and you will be converted very quickly.

I have personally used Athletic Greens since 2014. I try to eat healthy most of the time and actually really like vegetables – but honestly, I dont get enough greens in my diet.

So when I was offered a sample of Athletic Greens from a buddy at the gym, I was interested to try it out. The taste is pretty good and sometimes I add a little honey to sweeten it up. The ingredients list is packed with all the good veggies and micronutrients that our bodies crave so much. You would have to eat a full bowls of mixed greens and vegetables to get one scoop of Athletic Greens.

The price is a little expensive but more than makes up for it when you think about getting one large bowl of salad ($12 US) in every portion. Give it a try and email me any feedback that you have.

Questions from SGPT athletes

Question: Are green supplements a replacement for vegetables?

Answer: No. It is important to eat a proper amount of fresh vegetables if you can. You can use a green supplement to help your body get all of the nutrients it needs.

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