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Skratch Labs Energy Chews vs Nuun Energy Tablets Review

For endurance athletes who thrive on adventures like backpacking and bikepacking, finding the right hydration solution is crucial. In this review, we’ll compare two popular options: Skratch Labs Energy Chews and Nuun Energy tablets. Hydration is key during long journeys or intense workouts, and both these products aim to keep you going. Skratch Labs offers... Read More
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Top 10 Superfood Green Drinks

Check out the reviews and videos for the Top 10 Superfood Green Drinks and you make the decision what is best for your health. We have narrowed down this list to those not containing protein If you are like me – you don’t get enough greens in your day to day diet. Yes; we try... Read More
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Athletic Greens Review – Navy SEAL field testing

I heard about Athletic Greens after reading an article about CrossFit athletes using this green supplement and I wanted to give it a review. Then I heard Tim Ferris was using it and he gave it a good review – so I figured I would give it a go. Just the other day I was... Read More

Progenex vs Advocare – Review

Check out the info and videos on Progenex vs Advocare protein supplements. Progenex Review After Regionals this year I decided to give Progenex nutritional supplement a try to see what all the fuss was about as it was the main sponsor of the Crossfit Games in 2010. I know many of Crossfit’s elite had given... Read More
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Progenex vs Syntha 6 – Review

Check out the info and videos on Progenex vs BSN Syntha 6 protein supplements. Progenex Review by Alex Nettey After Regionals this year I decided to give Progenex nutritional supplement a try to see what all the fuss was about as it was the main sponsor of the Crossfit Games in 2010. I know many... Read More

Serious Mass vs Muscle Pharm Combat

Check out the reviews, comparisons, info and videos on Serious Mass vs Muscle Pharm Combat supplements and you be the judge which one to put in your body. MusclePharm Combat Powder review by Thad Love this protein! Muscle Pharm Combat Powders knocked it out of the park with this product. It is rare you see... Read More
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Lurong Elite Focus review

I picked up a bottle of Lurong Elite Focus a few months back and wanted to write up my notes from using a bottle and give feedback. WHY TAKE IT? I found that I was having some brain fog later on in the mid morning and was open to try a supplement that has nootropic... Read More
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PurePharma M3 Reviews

Three Essential Minerals Magnesium is essential for normal muscle function and plays a central role in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, but is at the same time expelled from muscles during exercise. PurePharma (Puori) M3 Reviews by ElisabethF Quality 5 out of 5 stars Significant reduction of muscle cramps. I have been taking Puori’s... Read More
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Blonyx HMB Creatine Review

Check out my personal review when using Blonyx HMB Creatine. First off – what is HMB and should you be taking creatine? HMB is a naturally occurring compound that is derived from the amino acid leucine. It is known to have anti-catabolic properties, meaning it helps reduce muscle protein breakdown, especially during intense exercise or... Read More

Muscle Pharm Combat vs SFH Recovery

Both Muscle Pharm and SFH are up and coming supplement companies in the CrossFit world. Check out the info and videos on Muscle Pharm Combat vs SFH Recovery protein supplements and you make the best choice for your body. MusclePharm Combat Protein review Only recently started using Musclepharm and I am very impressed. The Combat... Read More

Progenex Omega Review

The highly anticipated, long awaited day has finally arrived. PROGENEX Labs is proud to announce the public release of our newest premium product–PROGENEX Omega+! PROGENEX Omega+ is a powerful, readily available and absorbable, Omega 3 supplement. Unlike other Omega 3 products, Omega+ combines the most bioavailable source of Omega 3s—krill oil—with one of the world’s... Read More
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Blonyx Discount Code

More anHMB (or β-Hydroxy β-methylbutyrate) is needed by the body to protect and repair muscle tissue. We can make a small amount of HMB from the amino acid Leucine found in the protein we eat, but it needs to be topped up by eating HMB rich foods such as grapefruit, alfalfa and catfish. Click here... Read More

Progenex vs Optimum Nutrition

There is much discussion in the functional fitness and weight lifting community over which recovery protein to use with Progenex vs Optimum Nutrition protein. Check out the info below and reviews and make your choice. You can take PROGENEX Recovery after every training session. If you are training multiple times in one day, you can take... Read More
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Supplement Review: Kegenix Ketogenic Supplements

The Kegenix Ketogenic Supplement is a popular product in the realm of ketogenic diets and exogenous ketone supplements. It’s designed to help individuals achieve and maintain a state of ketosis, which is the primary goal of the ketogenic diet. In this review, we will explore the specifications, ingredients, effectiveness, and overall value of the Kegenix... Read More
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