Skratch Labs Powder vs Nuun Tablets Review

skratch labs vs nuun tabletsWe get a lot of questions about what kinds of liquid to use when doing long endurance events and wanted to look at a comparison of Skratch labs vs Nuun tablets.

I am carrying both in my pouch on my bike now and use them during long rides.

The photo shows the fruit chews but I am also using the powder and will post up a photo of that to compare.

Currently I am carrying both in the front pouch on my bike. So I will add a tablet of the Nuun to my water and later in the ride will eat one of the Skratch fruit chews. A nice mix to get fuel and keep the cramps away.


Skratch Labs and Nuun electrolyte powders are both popular choices for individuals looking for a convenient way to replenish electrolytes during or after physical activity. While they share some similarities, there are also a few key differences to consider when comparing the two.

One of the main differences between Skratch Labs and Nuun is the ingredient list. Skratch Labs uses all-natural ingredients, with no artificial colors or flavors, while Nuun contains some artificial sweeteners and flavors. Skratch Labs also contains more carbohydrates per serving than Nuun, which may be beneficial for individuals engaging in longer, endurance-based activities.

Another key difference is the taste. Skratch Labs has a more subtle, natural taste, while Nuun has a stronger, more artificial flavor. This is largely a matter of personal preference, but it is worth considering when selecting a product.

In terms of effectiveness, both Skratch Labs and Nuun are designed to help replenish electrolytes lost through sweating during exercise. Skratch Labs also contains some additional nutrients, such as magnesium and calcium, which may be beneficial for overall health and recovery.

Finally, price may also be a consideration. Skratch Labs is generally more expensive than Nuun, but the higher price may be worth it for those who prefer all-natural ingredients and a higher carbohydrate content.

Skratch Labs Review 
Here is my personal review as I just started trying out Skratch. I had heard about it from some climber friends and wanted to see if it was any good. Just got a few small individual packets of this product and trying it out while riding.

It is hot out now in Florida so this is a good time to try it out. The temps have been in the mid 80’s lately with some humidity so you can definitely break a sweat when riding hard.

The Skratch Labs packets make it easy to add to your water bottle if you are on the go with a long ride.

I like the taste and had no cramping despite 3 hours of hard riding.

We will continue to use this product through the hot summer and will let you know how it is working.

Skratch is also getting a lot of good reviews on Amazon and we will keep using it and update this page.

Nuun Tablets Review

I have been using these tablets – adding them to water on long endurance bike rides. I used them during the 337 mile Huracan ride in central Florida in February and also recently during daily training rides.

Overall I like the taste of the Nuun Energy Drink Tablets and it makes it easy in the tablet form to just drop it in my water bottle. It has some caffeine so that is always welcome for any ride.

From SGPT athlete Chris: I’ve been using nuun for the last few years. I didn’t really know if it was doing anything until I was running a rim to rim to rim in the Grand Canyon. I had a 30lb kit on my back for post run camping and to add a little more “fuck you” to the run. A combination of heat and many other factors threw me into a low I hadn’t seen in a real long time.

When you hit baseline like that you can really feel the changes everything that’s going into your body makes and nuun was making a huge difference. You can drink all you want but if your body can’t soak it in it doesn’t matter. I’ve also used skratch during the frozen otter ultra in Wisconsin. It was January and cold as fuck. They had an apple flavor that we put in hot water and it was pretty goddamn good. Does it work? I don’t know but it was yummy.

I have been comparing the Nuun tablets vs Skratch labs products to see if I can find any differences or preference.


Question: What about Skratch labs vs Hammer? We are working on that review now and trying out the Hammer product. We are also working on Skratch vs gatorad and vs Cytomax.

Question: Where can I find out more about supplements that are ok for use when competing at a high level? Check out the website for the USADA here:

Skratch labs vs Osmo nutrition hydration mix
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