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We are currently using Ascent Protein as a supplement to daily workouts.

I will drink about 12 ounces of milk with a heaping tablespoon of this protein powder.

I add a few cubes of ice to help mix it up. Not too sweet – just the right taste.

It mixes really easy and doesn’t clump up or cling to the side of the glass.

It goes down easy and doesn’t give me gas or stomach problems.


Whey Protein


Ascent Black Friday Deal
Ascent Black Friday Deal

Review by BT:

Not a big fan of really sweet protein powders so i was glad to get a bag of Ascent. The taste is really good and rivals that of any of the top brands like BSN supplements or MusclePharm.

I ordered straight from the main headquarter office and received it really quick. I like the price point as it is not real expensive for how good a quality you are getting.

I have been using this stuff for 3 months now and will be using it for as long as i can as i feel really good and have been getting up early to go to my workouts.

Review by StrongDog:

My buddy turned me on to this as I had never heard of the brand. He said a lot of top Spartan Racers and CrossFit gyms are using it so I figured I would give it a go. This stuff has a primo vanilla taste and flavor. I mix it up with some orange nice and it is mega good.

I have to watch out as my kids are on to this and they are using it too. I will be ordering another bag real soon.

I liked the chocolate flavor a lot and will probably order that again but i have heard that the vanilla is pretty good also.

I like this stuff vs Optimum Nutrition gold standard or Jym Pro. Something about how they make this stuff is that it is taste so good. I add it in with a little milk after my morning workout and then about a half cup of coffee.

Man it is the bomb diggity. I order it straight from their warehouse even though you can get it from Amazon and They are in Denver and I live down the road in Ft Collins so it is a quick shipment.

Also I did not mention that while using this supplement I have put on 5 lbs of muscle and my lifts have gone up over 15% which is a lot as I was stuck in a rut for a year.

My bench press, squat, deadlift and shoulder press all went up so I am really psyched to use it. My buddy that lifts with me I turned him on to this stuff and he likes it too.

I also like that it doesnt make my stomach cramp or make me feel bloated.

Question: Where can I find a list of CrossFit gyms in my area that carry it?

Answer: Check out the CrossFit website here:

Question: Is Katrin Davisdottir sponsored by Ascent?

Answer: Yes; she is one of the new top elite CrossFit athletes that are using this supplement. Robert Gillian (Spartan Race World Champion) is another.

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