Can you pass the new Army combat fitness test?

New plans are underway for the U.S. Army as it replaces a decades old fitness test. In order to prepare it soldiers for modern warfare is planning to replace its antiquated fitness exam with a more rigorous model.

The old test—two minutes of situps, two minutes of pushups, and a 2-mile run—has been standard for soldiers since 1980. It’s a good assessment of muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness, says Colonel Kevin Bigelman, the holistic health and fitness director at the U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training at Fort Eustis in Virginia. But “there are other key physical assets that soldiers need to have for success in combat,” he says: Strength, coordination, agility, and balance are all critical.

The new exam has been tested for two years and is planned to be officially rolled out in March 2022. It replaces the 40-year-old Army Physical Fitness Test, which tested soldiers on their ability to do two minutes of situps, two minutes of pushups and a 2-mile run.

So what does this mean for you and how can you prepare and beat this test? Lets break it down and give you the best shot to win.

The two-hour Army Combat Fitness Test 3.0 (ACFT) evaluates movements that better parallel the demands of on-the-ground combat, including rescuing injured personnel and loading equipment.

It consists of six exercises: a medicine-ball throw, hand-release pushups, deadlifts, a 2-mile run, sprint-drag-carry exercises, and leg tucks or planks.

3 rep max deadlift
Standing power throw with medicine ball
Hand release pushups
Sprint drag carry
Leg tuck
2 mile run

3 rep deadflift 140 lbs
Standing power throw 10 lb ball 4.5 meters
10 hand release pushups in 2 minutes
3 minutes sprint-drag-carry
1 leg tuck
Run 2 miles in less than 21 minutes

Deadlift exercises with dumbells
Sumo deadlift with kettlebell
Walking lunges. Add dumbell

Star Jumps
Tuck Jumps
Hanging toe to bar (or knee to bar)

8 count bodybuilders
burpees – add vest if needed
Plank (add vest if needed)

Tire drag
Straight leg deadlift
Shuttle run
Bent over rows

Laying knee to chest
Flutter kicks
Bar hangs
Laying leg raises

100 meter sprint / cool down
Hill repeats
Trail run

30 minute AMRAP
10 deadlift @ 50% 1 rep max
15 Box jumps (or step ups)
6 burpees
6 Bar knee to chest
200 meter run
Cash out: 1 mile run
Post number of rounds to comments

20 minute AMRAP
10 shoulder press (50% 1 rep max)
20 four count flutter kicks
20 walking lunges (each leg)
50 meter med ball throw (20 lbs)
200 meter tire/sled drag
Cash out: 1 mile ruck with weighted backpack

“I think most folks, most individuals, with proper training can pass the test,” Ramirez said.
Another possible change to address the higher fail rate among women would be the use of a performance-tier program that would take gender into account, Army officials said.

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