What is Frog Hill in BUD/S?

frog hillThere is a frog statue (see photo) on San Clemente Island atop a steep 200 yard hill.

If the BUD/S trainees can make it to the top in 1 minute 20 seconds then they will stay dry going to the chow hall.

If not…hit the surf.

We asked one of our young Frogmen out there “Tell us about Frog Hill?” and he came back with “its a pretty sh#tty hill to run up”.

The tradition for this frog (picture at top) dates back to Class 213.  Before that there were other frog and hills and stories (see story below).

Third Phase on San Clemente Island


Here’s the story of the “Pink Frog”. The frog was used for parades and special events in Coronado California back in the 60 and 70’s?? Class 104 (my class) brought the frog out to the island when they were going out for their final phase of training (Third- Land Warfare) back then. Anyway the frog was placed on top of the hill over looking BUD/S camp at San Clemente Island. This is when the infamous frog eggs were hatched. As a motivator, when BUD/s students required extra motivation they had to go or were directed to go get a frog egg and take it up the hill to the mother frog. On top they would leave the egg or bring it back down with them. I can tell you those frog eggs were a b_ll buster.

Question: What is a good training book to read to help me get ready for BUDS?

Check out 8 Weeks to SEALFIT: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to Unconventional Training for Physical and Mental Toughness.

This book is an all around go to book to help you get ready.

Question: Coach Brad; where is the “Frog Hill” in Atlanta, Georgia where you trained SEALFIT Kokoro and GORUCK candidates?

Answer: It is located at Cochran Shoals. Walk southwest out of the parking lot on the big gravel travel. Take your first hiking trail on the right. The trail is steep and about a half mile long up to a an old cemetery with a small wrought iron fence. We would speed hike/ruck up the hill and do burpees/pushups/walking lunges at the top and then hike back down.  Do several laps with a 20 lb ruck and carry a log or sand bag on your shoulder if you can.
Cochran Shoals map here:

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