How I Would Train for BUDS Today

buds training navy seal pull upsI get this question all the time — what do I need to do to get to BUDS in the next year?

If it were me training — knowing what I know now. Having gone through BUDS twice — I would do this.

1. Baseline test monthly

2. Do every GORUCK, Spartan Race, SEALFIT 20X Challenge and long trail run race within 100 miles.

3. Find a local group and train (i trained in a local bodybuilding gym — don’t laugh – i made a mistake the first time — and then opened my freakin’ eyes and made HUGE changes with my workouts).

4. Build up to doing 1 hour of hard grinder PT. Think Mr. T in his closet doing pull-ups. If your not covered in sweat and wishing you were dead – then it is not hard.

5. Carry a heavy ruck until the straps wore off and there were scars on my back.

6. Find an old tire and pull that thing till it fell it apart. Pull it forwards, backwards and side ways. Add weight. Do the same with a sand bag — wear it out.

6. Ride my bike long distance and trail run long distance — and row long distance. If you have a mtn bike — get off the trails and carry your bike through crazy terrain.

7. Read a good book on Special Forces every night for at least 5 minutes.

Read books about warriors like Adam Brown in Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX Operator Adam Brown. Read about warriors like Marcus Luttrell in Lone Survivor. Put these books next to your bed and read them again when you get done the first time.

This freakin’ works. I know as I have been there and know what it takes. I would bet a months paycheck on it.  You can chase all day looking for magic potions and secret insider workout systems –  if you want — I am just layin’ it all out there – a simple system – take from it what you will.

And I would encourage my son to use the same ideas. There is no fluff — it is just hard f&*$ work.

There are no special workouts — hidden ninja secrets. It is just sweat covering your whole body. A little bit of blood and a lot of sacrifice.

Simple concepts like “Train with those better than you (look back at #3.)

Your going to have to get up early and stay at the gym late. Probably walk home in the dark.

Give up friends that are bringing you down — They suck anyway.

But in the end you will change your life for the better.

And that is what we are really here to do — CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!!

I can hear you know… but Coach.. WTF — I aint going to BUDS — I am just trying to drop 20 lbs and get in better shape for the local GORUCK event.

Do the same — just tailor it for your needs. (Email me with any questions — as I try to answer all emails).

Notice that I put my cell # down below — text me… serious.

If you do these things — you will be durable, ready for the long endurance haul — anything at anytime.

Gotta run — taking Hannah out on a mtn bike ride this afternoon.

P.S. Check out our friends at STRENGTHCRATE — they are going to help us with a prize for next months fitness challenge with a killa prize.

Use this — STRENGTHCRATE Promo Code PTSTRONG15. This is our 5% off (recurring discount) for all of our service members and first responders.

If you do sign up with them — send me an email and I will send you a free audio of your choice (anything on our list).

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