How to Install a DIY Pull up Bar in Your Garage Gym

Are you looking to build up your body but don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a globo-gym membership?

Need to find a way to knock out a quick workout but only have a few dollars to spend?

Check out these easy tips to set up your own Do It Yourself DIY pull up bar in your garage gym.

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You will quickly be on your way to doing workouts in a short amount of time.


In your garage space or upstairs closet you may have exposed wooden beams. With a tape measure check the spacing of the beams in the ceiling (joist).

For best results you will want to mount the pull up bar to more than one beam. Joist are typically spaced 16 inches apart.

exf rings vs suspension trainerQuestion: I can’t do a pull up or chin up. What is the best way to learn?

I would use wooden gymnastic rings and set them up so that your feet touch the ground.

Then I would slowly pull myself back up to the rings like rowing.

We call these ring rows and they are a very good way to begin learning how to do pull ups.


Get everything ready and then attach the mounting board with lag bolts or appropriate screws. You may want to drill pilot holes to make it easier to screw in. Use at least two bolts for each joist. Once mounted, test the board to make sure it does not shift.


Lightly weight the pull up bar to test its ability to hold you. Then add your weight (you may want to put a pad underneath in case the pull up bar shifts. Then swing back and forth and finally – do a pull up. Congrats – your now have your own pull up bar in your  garage gym.

Questions from athletes in our gym and our readers online.

Question: “Coach, what are some other ingenious ways to attach a chin up bar to the a beam?”.

I have seen a bar placed through the rafters and then secured with webbing. When you are pulling down on the bar it can’t be pulled through the rafter so it is very secure. I am trying to find a photo and will post it up.

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Question: What is a good diameter for a garage pull up bar? A good size pull up bar diameter is 1 and a quarter to 1.5 inches. The pull up bar at BUDS Navy SEAL training is 2 inches in diameter. The fatter bar is harder to perform pull ups on. Practice now on a fatter bar if you plan on going into the Special Forces pipeline.

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