The Benefits of Sand Bag Training

Getting stronger doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Load a training sandbag up and do the work in your garage, park, front yard, or anywhere you damn well please. Find out below why you need to start sandbag training now.

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One major training benefit when utilizing sandbags is battling the sand that shifts throughout the movement. This is known as dynamic resistance, and it facilitates our ability to stabilize and hold the odd object in place throughout various movement planes. Lifting and carrying sandbags will strengthen the torso and hips, which can facilitate greater force transfer through the body in other lifts or exercise movements.

You can create your own workout space in your garage, yard or use a nearby field or parking lot. The sandbag, just like our rucksacks, can be thrown on your back or in your trunk and brought to and from your thrasher sessions with ease. You can also do traditional movements like squats, cleans, and deadlifts, but there is a larger variety of movements as well.

Home gyms come at a high cost: a barbell alone starts at upwards of $200 and that doesn’t include any of the weight plates. You do not need a bunch of fancy gym equipment, you can do hundreds of movements and workouts with a single sandbag.

Dont have the extra money for a sand bag but still want to have one? You can make a DIY sandbag easy check out this article.

We have several sand bags that we like. Check out the SGPT article here with reviews and tip.

Sandbag workouts are not for the faint of heart. Pound for pound, it’s just more difficult to move. Most people report that they can lift around 40-50% less in a sandbag than they could on a barbell. They are a favorite tool of Special Forces because they build strength and mental toughness.

Outside of supporting core strength, picking up a sandbag can have real world applicability, as it is an awkward form of resistance. It will not sit in the most effective place you need it to be like a barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbell. Using sandbags can help you learn to brace and stabilize when lifting and moving odd objects, which will transfer into daily life where most things lifted are not advantageous to lifting (think: house and yard work, groceries and kids).

Don’t know how to program ruck or sandbag workouts?

Check out this article: Sandbag workouts

Question: Coach, I don’t have a sand bag? How can I make a Do-it-yourself sand bag to work out with?

Answer: Check out the article on how to build a DIY sandbag.

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