How do I figure out how much weight to use when starting out?

This is a common question we get from athletes who are starting out and trying to figure out how to make gains in the garage gym.

Hey! I want to be able to do the below workout as prescribed in 25-30 mins like you listed below after 5 months of the SGPT365 workout series.

What weights do you recommend for sandbag training with the different exercises listed in 365? I think I saw ground to overhead, squat, getups, sandbag bench, etc.

Also, if I decide to join a gym what weights on barbell should I be using? I know the latter would depend more on my 3 rep and 1 rep maxes, but what would be a good starting point to get to where I can do the below in 5 months?

SGPT Athlete Austin B.

From Coach Brad:

Good job on reaching 5 months continuous with SGPT workouts. Let me know how your feeling and if getting enough rest.

You can start with a 20 lb sandbag and slowly work your way up to the prescribed number of reps in the workout. Check out this article on “how to build a DIY sandbag”

For the ground to overhead barbell exercises you can start with using the barbell only – with good technique. Then add weight if you need to and perform 10 reps. Rest 1 minute. Add weight if needed and perform 10 reps with some strain. Rest 1 minute and perform 10 reps with some strain. This will tell you the new amount of weight that you should be lifting. In the next workout you can add weight as needed.

For the squat use the barbell to warm up with good form. To find a max weight to start your squat workout. Pick a weight that you know you can lift 10 times with some strain at the end. Rest 1 minute. Perform 2 more sets with rest. If you can lift that weight for 3 rounds of 10 reps it is time to move up. Once you have mastered good form then you can work up to a 5 rep max to build strength.

Post up a video of your form to the SGPT group for accountability so that I can view and help you improve

Again – make sure you get the form right from the start with light weights and work your way up from there.

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