Obstacle Course Workouts

Check out these Obstacle Course Workouts and learn a thing or two about building your grip and balance and functional strength.

There are some great examples of not only how to make your own obstacle course in your driveway, CrossFit gym or backyard — but different ways to workout with functional fitness.

Video – Indoor CrossFit Gym

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You can put this Obstacle Course Workouts together in your CrossFit gym with a few pull up bars, box jumps, benches and obstacles.

Check out the SEALgrinderPT Gym O-Course Workouts at CrossFit Grinder

We made this obstacle course workout with a small strip of wood and hill and added steps and ropes and added kettle bell swings, pushups and sled drags.

Each week the course changes as we add exercises.

Check out these videos of a SWAT Team on their Obstacle Course

Running through our O-course would only take about 3 minutes but it would definitely get your heart rate up.

Check out the Air Force at their O-course with a rope climb over a pool.

Train for the obstacle course at CrossFit Grinder in Sandy Springs (north Atlanta), Georgia.
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