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CrossFit Handstand Workouts and Tips

Check out these CrossFit Handstand Workouts and Tips TIP #1 Warmup before you start with handstands no matter if you are an elite athlete that has mastered this technique. Do arm swings, regular pushups and roll your wrist in a circular manner. Workout #1 Mary As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 5... Read More
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How to Use Two Lacrosse Balls for Mobility

Just received a question on “how do I use a lacrosse ball to improve my mobility?”. And “Why do athletes use two lacrosse balls instead of one for mobility?”. Good questions – here are a few tips to get your started on improving your mobility and helping your muscles recover and stay healthy. This method... Read More

Concept 2 Rowing Tips

Check out these Concept 2 (C2) Advanced Rowing Tips, advice and videos. Tip #1. Plan your workouts in advance but be willing to adjust depending on how you are feeling. Feeling great? Go for it in time or intensity. Feeling stressed out and tired? Make the workout relief. Cover the monitor, turn on the radio... Read More

CrossFit Workout Terms

CrossFit Terms you will hear or see at a local CrossFit box (gym). AD: AirDyne bike AMRAP:  As Many Repetitions (or Rounds) As Possible – As Rx’d:  As Prescribed – the suggested parameters for a given exercise (weight for example) Check out CFF Pit Bull Wood Olympic Gym Rings @ E30SO30S = every 30... Read More
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Wright CF series barbell review

We received a Wright Equipment CF Series barbell a few months back and have been testing it out at our small garage gym. Thanks for everyone’s patience as this should have been posted up last month but we had a few fences to fix. Overall the bar has a relatively good spin for the price... Read More
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Top 10 Ways to Get Kicked out of a Globo Gym

Globo gym [definition]. Large retail shopping space turned into a warehouse of treadmills and other useless machines in the attempt to extract money from clueless potential athletes who think they are doing something to improve their bodies and minds. See also – “wasted effort”, “narcissism”, “meat market”. I admit it. I am embarrassed but gotta... Read More

VPX Bang vs Redline

Check out the reviews and videos for VPX bang vs Redline and you decide which one to use for your next workout in the gym. VPX Bang review This is one of the better supplements I have bought online. The VPX Bang drink (lemon Drop) gives you great sustained energy and you don’t get the... Read More

Rep Fitness Excalibur vs Bomba barbell

Check out these reviews, comparisons and videos for the Bomba bar vs the RepFitness excalibur barbell and you make the decision which one you want for your home garage gym. Bomba mens barbell review by Joel I’ve used a TON of different bars in my Crossfit career; anything from crappy 31mm economy bars that hardly... Read More
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Chase Daniels CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Region:South East Team:Hustle Hard powered by HEW Age:26 Height:5’11” Weight:185 lb Check out Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeves @ BENCHMARKS WORKOUTS Fran 2:11 Helen 7:19 Grace 1:31 Filthy 50 — Fight Gone Bad — Sprint 400m 0:51 Run 5k 18:36 CHeck out the CFF Keystone Bar – Men’s 20 kg Olympic Needle Bearing Training Bar... Read More

Christy Phillips CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Christy Phillips CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile Age 25 Weight 130 Height 5′ 4″ From Braintree, MA Current Residence Washington, DC Began Crossfit Fall 2007 Affiliate: CrossFit MPH Weightlifting Stats Squat 230 Front Squat 200 Clean & Jerk 185 Snatch 135 Deadlift 325 Press 105 Christy Phillips does the Fran workout at Primal Fitness CrossFit Check... Read More

California Prison Pushup Workout

The homies in prison work hard to keep their bodies in shape so they can defend themselves and be strong. Check out the California Prison Pushup Workout they made up for a small space workout. Check out SEAL Grinder PT’s Training Programs. Click HERE! 180 Day Preprogrammed Download. Great for BUD/s Prep, OCR, Endurance and... Read More
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Sled Drag Workout Tips

Working out with a sled is one of the best exercises you can do to build strength and hip power. The sled is especially good on recovery days as it is a concentric motion that increases blood flow. If your looking to increase your work capacity, increase your bodies ability to heal and improve on... Read More

Tommy Hackenbruck CrossFit Elite Athlete Profile

Name: Tommy Hackenbruck Nickname: Hacksaw, or Hack Age 33 Weight: 200 Height 6′ 1″ From Portland, OR Current Residence Salt Lake City, UT Began Crossfit January 2009 Affiliate: Ute CrossFit Video – Tommy Hackenbruck CrossFit Barbell Stats Squat 477 Front Squat 385 Clean & Jerk 335 Snatch 225 Deadlift 499 Press WOD Times Fran 2:24... Read More

Tommy Kono knee band review

Check out the reviews and videos for the Tommy Kono knee bands and you decide they are good enough for your next workout. Tommy Kono knee band review by Joshua: I had to take a break from competition powerlifting and recently got back into it. I used to have a pair of the large Rehband Rx Knee... Read More
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