Training, Recovery, and Competition

Training, Recovery, and Competition

By Phillip Butler
We all train for something. Whether its to jump higher, run faster or be stronger all around we all have a goal. Most cases that goal is tied to one event that incorporates a ton of different movements culminating in a sports competition.

When training one aspect that is most often overlooked is recovery. Most of us are focused on which lift is the best, which movement are we training, how many sets to program and which combinations and chains we are going to train. However, recovery is where all the work introduces our bodies to progress. When we rest our bodies begin to re-form the bonds of our muscles which if properly fed become stronger and larger. Properly rested and fed muscles are perform better, which is necessary when pushing your body to its limits like most athletes do on a regular basis.

Video – Mike McKenna on Isabel

CrossFit Elite Athlete Mike McKenna uses BG Labs Centurion

The problem is most athletes are so focused on building their bodies they leave out the necessity of leaving their bodies to rebuilding itself.

When we train hard most of us experience the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) that’s what a lot of us get used to and actually long for. But there is not ll real scientific correlation between the DOMS and serious gains. It’s mental. Now I’m not saying that you don’t need the DOMS to get better. What I am saying is there are ways to help us recover better.

There are basic ways of recovery:
-ice (pads, and baths)
-food: (good carbs, high fats, veggies) and sweets help too
-heating (pads as baths)
-relaxation (sometimes rest from training is not relaxation for your body)

Although these conventional methods of recovery work well, there are also ways to help your body recover faster with less soreness. Muscles that are better to 100% have a better chance of excelling than muscles which are completely fatigued. Overly fatigued muscles are more prone to injury which is detrimental to competing at high levels.

Video – Brian Kost CrossFit

CrossFit Elite athlete Brian Kost uses creatine from BG Labs Centurion

Here are some ways to help you recover faster —

Creatine: Aside from building lean muscle creatine is scientifically proven to help damage muscles recovery with improved ability to maintain strength and power during and after high intensity movements.

Beta alanine: recovery doesn’t just happen after your workout. It happens in between sets and reps. beta alanine acts as a lactic acid buffer which reduces muscle fatigue while working out. The ability to recover between reps and sets is the difference between hitting a PR and going home tired, beat and remaining the same.
Glutamine: Glutamine has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces inflammation in muscle tissues post exercise or injury. This helps reduce swelling and delayed onset muscle soreness after a workout and assists in proper recovery.
BCAAs: boosts protein synthesis which is integral in maintaining anabolic levels in muscles after strenuous exercise.
Whey Protein: Whey protein helps to restore glycogen levels which are depleted after workouts, aiding in the rebuilding process of the muscle which is important to begin immediately after workouts to get an early start on the road to recovery.

Having good supplementation is key to accelerated recovery. In today’s competitive sports landscape we all need an edge. Make sure you pay attention what most athletes are neglecting. Make sure you pay attention to how you recover so you come back stronger after every workout. So that when the competition arrives you are ahead of everyone else.

BG LABS’ Centurion has creatine and beta alanine


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