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While I was out the other day passing out samples of Centurion at local Crossfit gyms I got into an interesting conversation with a trainer. I told him that Centurion had creatine in it and could be used as pre-workout. He said he liked to train “clean.” It was almost smug but I shrugged it off. After all I did want him to pass it along to his friends. But this is what I was thinking.

Video – CrossFit Regionals 2012

I’m pretty sure that at least 70% of people who say they don’t like using “supplements” at least take protein powder. Protein powder is the powder form of amino acids necessary to generate and maintain lean muscle mass. It isn’t food in the generic sense i.e. chicken, pork, beef,veggies, etc. Therefore in its most basic sense protein powder is a form of supplementation.

I remember when protein powder consumption was advised against and was also considered dangerous. However, because of scientific study and time there is now a lessened stigma of protein powder usage. It is basically considered normal in everyday use. That stigma is gone.

Video – CrossFit Regionals 2012

Back to my point. If protein consumption and supplementation is considered a part of clean training then creatine supplementation should be as well. Creatine supports protein usage by aiding in protein synthesis in the body. If you use protein to help in sports performance then you are actually missing out on one important aspect of what actual meat provides in the form of creatine. (Creatine is found in fish, beef, and chicken naturally) So on a normal day you are already consuming a decent amount of creatine if you are anywhere near a good eater. Creatine is by far the most effective and potent product on the market that allows for you to build lean mass, increase strength and power output and scientifically improve athletic performance. It is clean in the sense that it naturally occurs in the body and we naturally and regularly consume it in our everyday lives through animal meats.

So the next time someone says something like “creatine isn’t training clean” remember that we all take it. And because we do, we should be mindful of how we do it to get the most out of our workouts and fitness goals.

BG LABS Centurion includes Creatine.

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