Prison Workout Routine

Imagine being locked up for the rest of your life in a concrete prison or jail cell with thick impenetrable metal bars. Once a day – the guards escort you in shackles and chains outside of your pen and allowed to go down to the “Yard”.

The Yard is a dangerous place. Looking around there are other inmates working out. But you always know that the Man is looking down into the Yard with a high powered rifle to end any escapes or bloody brawls. One quick pull of the trigger and your dead.

Your in a fight for your life inside of prison – as you must be strong to survive. What do you do?

Exactly the same things that Gladiators of the old world did – and Special Forces of today still do.

You work out hard to stay burly strong and build your mind. Most of the time with simple bodyweight exercises. Sometimes you have access to weights but most times – NOT – as the Guards don’t want you making a shiv (home-ade knife) out of the metal or smashing your inmate enemies face with a dumbbell.

Check out these Prison Workout Routines as inmates explain their workouts and gladiator grind lifestyle in the Pen.

Lockdown Prison Workout Routine

If your allowed out on the yard (no metal weights) this is a good inmate workout for your time in the county jail.

10 eight count bodybuilders
10 Skull crushers on a bench
10 high jump (heel to ass)
this workout builds total body strength and speed and is a favorite in an unnamed South Georgia prison.

In some prisons they allow you to lift weights. The Warden is cool and the Guards dont give a #%&@ as they just want a paycheck and to sit in their air conditioned box up above. Nothing fancy but all you need is a barbell and some plates.

Question: What is the famous prison workout book?

I think you are talking about Convict Conditioning: How to Bust Free of All Weakness-Using the Lost Secrets of Supreme Survival Strength by Paul Wade.

This book has sold thousands to many athletes looking to duplicate these kick ass workouts.

PRISON WORKOUT  #2 (with weights)
Ladder of wide pushups 1 up to 10 and back down
Dumbell flies 5 sets of 8 reps
Dumbell pull overs (lay flat on the bench and pull weight up and over) 5 sets of 8
Finish with 25 bar dips
This is a prison “Man’s” workout and will rip your chest to shreds.
Used in Montgomery County jail.

with weights
Bench Press 5 reps x 5 rounds (for muscle and strength)
Tricep press with barbell 8 reps x 5 sets
Dumbbell bicep curls 8 reps x 5 sets ( you want to get bigger than your other inmates)
Dead lift 5 reps x 5 rounds

Surviving in prison is the ultimate goal. You aren’t lifting to look pretty for the beach. You pound weights to be stronger than others and smash they face if they attack you in the night.

You want to be agile – mobile and hostile.

If your in total lock down (no weights – just your bunk) here is a good workout to keep you from going insane.

Workout #4
5 rounds for time
20 dips on your bunk
20 sit ups
20 air squats
Workout courtesy of SuperMax prison in Canon City, Colorado.

Some prisoners are not allowed out with the other prisoners as they are a security risk. These guys are predators and whackos that don’t mix well with the general population. Here is a good workout for these homies.

100 burpees for time
workout stolen from Johnny Z. held at SuperMax isolation section.

Some guys have kept their head down for awhile and have a longer leash for not getting on the Guards blacklist. These guys get a little more freedom and are short timers. They get to run inside of the wire – a 10 foot fence with concertina wire – while the Guards take aim with their high powered rifles in case they try to take a trip over the wire.

5 rounds for time
Run 400 meters
20 pull ups
20 push ups
20 crunches
Workout stolen from Benny Pops held for 18 months at the Banks County low security jail and then 6 months at a local half way house.

Whether you are in prison or doing jail workouts you will never have much room. Do 100 burpees for time and see what your time is.

When you are in the Fulton County Jail there are no weights allowed for jail workouts. It is all bodyweight and towel workouts.

most prisons don’t have a bench press so guys do this workout.
Lay on your back with elbows on floor.
Your buddy provides resistance as you push up.
Then resistance as you hold him from pushing you back.
Do a few reps – very hard.
This is how guys do bench press in prison without equipment.

Question: We have no weights in Wichita County Jail. What is a good prison chest workout? Do wide push-ups and alternate with clapping pushups.

Question: What is your favorite of the jail workouts? Doing burpees and squats is the best.

Question: Can I do weighted vest workouts in prison. Not sure many guys get to use a weighted vest in prison. They don’t need to as they sit on the other guys back for pushups and push down on his shoulder for dips.

Question: What are some prison free bench press workouts ? Check out the workouts above.

Question: Do prisoners workout everyday? Does a bear cr@p in the woods everyday? Pretty much every day they do something for workout.

Question: Which Colorado prisons allow weights? A few of the lower security prisons allow some weights under tight watch.

Question: What is the U.S. prison diet and daily routine like. The prisoners eat low grade cafeteria style food and the daily routine is very regimented with wake up call early morning.

Question: What are jail cell workout routines to build muscle mass without weights? Check out the workout routines above that prisoners use to build muscle mass.

Question: What is the best way and how to make a dumbbell in jail? You can use a plastic bag and add water or sand inside of the bag. You can also use a towel and have your buddy hold the towel for tension. There are many ways to make a dumbbell in jail or prison.

Question: Where can I find a jailhouse strong pdf? Check here for Jailhouse Strong

Question: Coach, I am looking for a full body calisthenics workout – what do you suggest? Check out the prison workouts above.

Question: Where can I find workouts by real prisoners? Check out the article above.

Where can I find out more info on groups that represent prisoners? Check out the website here:

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