Russian Bodyweight Workouts

russian bodyweight workoutsCheck out these Russian bodyweight workouts to build your body and mind.

Workout #1
20 pushups
20 dips
20 pull ups
20 bar leg raises

Video – The Best Workout Russian and Ukrainian Winter 2012-2013

Workout #2
5 close grip pull ups slow
10 diamond push ups
5 wide grip pull ups slow
10 wide grip push ups slow
5 bar muscle ups
10 clapping plyo pushups
rest 5 minutes
repeat if you can

Video – Best Serbian Street Workout 2013

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Workout #3
7 ring dips
7 ring pull ups
7 toe to rings
work to have the best form possible
rest 1 minute and repeat.

Workout #4
Handstand push ups
Australian pull ups or regular pull ups
make sure all reps are to good form. Not sloppy

Летний сбор по Street Workout, 2013

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Workout #5
10 Alligator Pushups
15 Toe to bar
20 Burpees
25 Grasshoppers (each side)
20 bar dips
15 feet hand stand walk
10 knee to elbows on bar

Question: Do you have any Russian commando pull up bar workouts? Check out this cool Russian pull up bar move.

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Workout #6
walk on hands 10 meters
10 muscle ups
10 strict pull ups
10 dips

Video – Russian street workout handstand routine

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Pavel Tsatsouline Interview
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